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At last, Aussie readers can get You Will Pay free on

Here is the link, go grab your copy of a book that’s been downloaded more than 120 000 times!

The sequel is brewing nicely and yes, Tom is still a bastard!



Here are 5 useless facts bout Kanye West, who, as you all know, has a new album out called Yeezus.

1)      Kanye West does not know how to spell Jesus. Ay, Ay, Ay!

2)      His VEVO hits for his video Black Skinhead on YouTube stands at  3, 365, 862. (That’s almost as many hits as I get on my blogs. Per day. What? Like it’s hard.)

3)      Yeezuz is naked at times in the video and he’s got biceps and abs. That I can confirm. As for the rest of him, I tried really hard to see his lady lumps, but I didn’t get to. (I have booked an appointment with my optician since. Him, his avatar – same thing. )

4)      In his video, he’s still using the ‘n’ word and showing KKK with black hoodie’s. (Someone’s gonna get into big shit with Oprah for using the ‘n’ word.)

5)      According to Ray J, Yeezus didn’t hit it first, Ray J did. (According to a reliable source that I cannot name, (Taylor Swift) Ray J didn’t hit it first either, he just thinks he did.)

6)      Yeezus lets Kim sleep while he tends to baby North at night. He sings her lullabies. (I can just imagine the lyrics to his lullabies– yo bitches, yo asses, yo homies, shut the fuck up and sleep ’for I bust a cap in yo ass!)

7)      He has directed several short films. (That is amazing. I had no idea that he did. Not clear if they were pornos, but if they were, it shouldn’t matter.)

That’s seven facts, I know, but I’m feelin’ generous.

Do I like the album Yeezus, you ask?


For two reasons:

a)     Yeezus, even though he’s such an egotistical sob, is talented. I really like Black Skinhead. The song, not the people.

b)    Yeezus can out-scream Eminem anytime. I listened to both of them twice, took careful note  and Yeezus won. So there.

c) When the world crapped on him for calling himself a god, he responded with, “Fuk ya’ll.” But he left out the ‘c.’ If that’s not cool, then I dunno what is.

Yeah, I said two reasons, but I’m giving you three reasons cos I’m feeling generous.

Now I wonder if Yeezus (or God) would be interested in buying my yooks? Eh, books.

If both of them buy a copy each, I’ll give them 50 % off, even if they don’t have a coupon.



cover my brother's girls book two 26 aug 18

Happy to announce that book two of My Brother, My Rival, is in the hands of my editor.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of book two.
But my rage, my anger towards Stephanie was the least of my worries.
A different set of fantasies proved even more troubling.
Me and him. Me and him sleeping together.
Wait! Allow me to rephrase that. Me and him fucking like crazy.
I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and my showers became frequent and colder.
It’s true – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
The moment my mind was relaxed, the workshop came alive and my fantasies sprouted – me and him in the backseat of his Hummer, me and him in my bathroom when the kids were asleep, me and him in a hotel during the day, me and him in the garage having a quickie.
This longing for him, the need to touch him, taste him, feel him and breathe him was all-consuming and I unhinged and feverish.
Sometimes, I felt like crying, that’s how plagued I was.
I thought of him the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. If my sleep broke, my mind drifted to him, sleeping a few feet away.
Of course, I suspected he felt the same way. The way his eyes would follow me around, then when our eyes met, he’d shift his away. But sometimes he didn’t, and our gaze locked.
He started to walk around shirtless and touched me at every available opportunity.
But it wasn’t enough for me.
Subconsciously, I went into seduction mode. Maybe even consciously, I don’t know.
My shorts grew shorter, my tops grew tighter and my sheer nightdresses grew sheerer. I tossed my hair, cocked my head, smiled at him from under my lashes, slowly licked a spoon, walked like Cat Woman when I was sure he was looking at my ass, and used my cotton candy voice on him.
Even though I wasn’t sleeping with him, I had Brazilians and wore thongs.
I was ripe for him, I was asking for it and I paraded my wares like a hooker.
That’s what I was.
I just wanted my husband’s brother.


A Vain and Cruel Queen, a Gay Prince, a Poor Village Girl and an Unsuspecting New Yorker …

To download, click on link below:
“…it’s like an ugly duckling meets Snow White’s bitch of a Wicked Stepmother…”
“Eve develops such wonderful characters in this series and makes you feel so much emotion that you really do wander off into the world of Henna. Another inspiring series that will stay with you long after the book is finished.”
 “Not for the faint of heart, Royal Deception is intense. Starting with a homely 13 year old village girl, we watch as she grows into a beautiful woman…the ugly duckling scenario wrapped around dysfunctional families, royal lies, a queen who is beautiful…but evil.”
 “A fascinating story.”
 “I absolutely love this book, Can’t wait until the second part!!”
 “Such a terrific lovestory..the palace scenes are so vivid everything is so vivid..and Henna is the most adorable and lively heroine i’ve come across..her dismal fate makes me teary..can’t wait to read the next part..well done!!five star book.”
For a limited time, Royal Deception – A Palace full of Liars, is free on
so get your copy t’ray!:)
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