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“OMG!!! Yet another amazing book by Eve. From the moment you start reading, you are gripped. I have recommended Eve to friends and family.” Smashwords reviewer

“I just finished the book. All I have to say is, HOLY SHIT, EVE! You wrote a killer story that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps it.” Smashwords Reviewer

“OMG Eve! You are absolutely BRILLIANT! I never saw that ending coming!” Smashwords Reviewer

“Forget those well manicured nails. Eve Rabi’s latest book Lead me into Temptation will have you nibbling on your delicate French tips from start to finish. Brilliant!” Smashwords Reviewer

“Wow! I loved this story! My suggestion, do what I did: find a quiet hiding spot, turn off your phone and escape into Scarlet’s world for a few hours. I promise you will not be disappointed.” Smashwords Reviewer

“Be warned: if you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down
until it’s over…then you feel a bit disappointed because you want more.” Smashwords Reviewer

“Prepare to sacrifice several hours of sleep and walk around with panda eyes because that’s what happened to me. But hey the adrenaline rush from this fast paced and exciting story was so worth it.” Smashwords Reviewer







This is not a stand-alone book, so make sure you have read The Other Woman first – A betrayed wife collides with the other woman (Romantic crime and suspense).

cover VERY SMALL  the other woman 25 Nov 15

The Other Woman





















“Wow! People are going to have to clear the schedules for this one, Eve. It’s a winner for sure! I’ve never read anything like this before. Where the hell do you get your ideas from? Never mind, just keep ’em coming.” Smashwords reviewer


Eve Rabi’s 27th romantic crime & Suspense

thriller coming late November 2016!

Cover Temptation 1 9 nov 16 MEDIUM.jpg

He may be dedicated to the church, to his God, and he may have chosen to lead a sterile life. However, he is still a man. Deep down, his wants and needs are like those of most men.
Once he encounters me, the forbidden fruit, those repressed desires will be stirred. My plan is to quench those desires and gain ascendancy over him.  

LEAD ME INTO TEMPTATION, Eve Rabi’s latest book, a crime & suspense thriller about love, lust and revenge is coming soon. 

Watch this space for a release date and more excerpts.




GRINGA – A Modern-day Love Story, The Original Ending

cover gringa original ending 18 sept 13

As some of you probably may have read before, I wrote GRINGA in 2009 after a horrible nightmare.
Yeah, I know what you’re going to say –sounds clichéd, the whole nightmare thing has been overdone, blah! blah! blah!


But here’s the thing:
I was so terrified after that nightmare, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

The drug lord’s shooting, the bullet that came my way, (I saw it as it hurtled toward me) was so real and so terrifying, I woke my husband (by means of a kick to the shin, as I usually do) and told him about the dream.

I expected sympathy and comforting arms. Maybe a coke and some M&Ms.

I didn’t get any of that. Instead, I got a lecture (at 3 AM) about eating chocolate before bedtime while watching Sopranos re-runs. My usual routine.

Of course, I got mad at him for giving both chocolate (and The Sopranos) a bad rep and when he wouldn’t stop lecturing me, I shut him up by kicking him in the other shin.

Anyway, it took me days to get over the horrible dream.
I stopped writing Captured, which I was busy on, and started writing Gringa. The words flowed like alcohol at a Real Housewives of Miami lingerie party!

It took me a year to write Gringa, and the feedback I got about Payton’s character from my writing group, which consisted of authors, some published, some who spoke like they had a hot potato in their mouths, well, they didn’t like her character.
Too feisty, too rude, too crude and she had no filter, they complained.

Mm. I was in a bind. Should I change her character, I wondered? Make her more likable? I wanted to, but after much thought, I looked my fellow writers straight in the eye and said, “Fuck you and your PhDs, you boring ass hoes, I’m staying true to Payton’s character.”

Well, I didn’t quite say it to them, I said it to myself. But that’s what I would have told them had I more time.
Or guts. 

What I did do was press my full lips together, point my pencil at them and say, “Mm, you have a point there.”
(They then swallowed the hot potato. I think.)

Anyho, to me Payton’s character was so entertaining without a filter that I had to chance it and let her be.

It worked – just about every reader of Gringa tells me that they love Payton’s character.
I am glad I did not listen to my esteemed group of fellow swallowers. Er, writers. On that aspect, that is.

As for Diago, I hated the fargin sonofabitch in the beginning, but like Payton, I grew to loooove him.

In the original ending of Gringa, which I changed after umpteen requests, I cried buckets as I wrote.
I even cried during my many re-writes! (I am a cry baby, btw. I even cried while watching Lion King.)

I enjoyed the company of every single character in Gringa, including Tongue the fargin SOB, and Christa, the fargin nympho!
They all brought something to the table as many of my readers pointed out.

And…Gringa reached no 1 on!

After repeated requests for the original version of Gringa, I’v decided to re-publish it.
But it will be free to those who have already purchased the Gringa book/series.

To get your free copy of Gringa – Since You’ve Been Gone, please contact moi via Facebook or this blog.

Oh, and make sure you have a white, lacy handkerchief ready.

(Has to be white and lacy like in the movies. And I said, white, lacy, hand…ker…chief. )

Okay, fine, Kleenex will do. Just make sure it’s scented with Aloe Vera or something. Except chloroform. It makes me sneeze.

Oh, as for my bad dreams, the chocolate and The Sopranos… a few things have happened since.

1)   I traded my husband for a new one. The new one’s mute. He’s perfect, I tell you. Doesn’t even cry out when I kick him in the shin.

2)   I no longer eat chocolate before bed. All I have is chocolate milkshake. Or hot chocolate with marshmallows, one pink, one white.

Whaaaat? I’m not eating it.

3)   To prevent more nightmares, after watching Soprano re-runs, I watch something antidoty (is that a word? It should be.), something sweet like Glee. Or Barney.

I’m happy to report, I’ve had no nightmares since.
On a happier note, what do you think of the latest cover? (Attached. )

And yes, that is me on the cover.


cover gringa series from amazon 3 sept 13

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