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ASHES OF TEMPTATION – Now Live on Amazon!








The final instalment in the explosive Temptation series (Girl on Fire Series) is now live on Amazon!

Will Karma deliver the fate Scarlett deserves, or will it be a case of Teflon Scarlett again?

“An emotional rollercoaster that had enough twists and turns to keep me totally enthralled.” Amazon reviewer


“What if the tables were turned? What if she went to prison for him, to save him, to protect him,

only to return home and find that he had quietly moved on with someone else? With someone that had

sent her to prison? With someone she believed was the enemy? Worse, when she returned, she finds that

he has sired a child with that person? Would she be justified in wanting to hurt him? Would she be justified

of wanting to kill them both?”


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Ashes of Temptation – Book Teaser 2 – by Eve Rabi

Blog 2 Ashes of Temptation 3 Sept 18.jpg
People say it’s okay to fail in life sometimes. They say it can be a stepping stone to … blah! blah! blah! They’re right.
I’ll tell you one thing you should never fail at. Murder. Oh, no, it’s one of the worst things you can possibly fail at. Especially a carefully orchestrated one. Ask anyone behind bars for attempted murder and they will tell you, that kind of failure is not an option, and it’s a stepping stone to time in prison.
In my case, my husband had an affair. That was okay – it happens. What was not okay, was him and his mistress, luring unsuspecting me to my death, burying me alive, she assuming my identity, they living a charmed life.
You feeling sorry for me? You should. Can you think of anything worse than being buried alive? No? You’re right – there isn’t anything worse than that – it’s pure hell.
It’s okay though, because they failed at murder, so they would live to regret it, because … I’m alive and I’m coming after them! Shhhh!


The second excerpt from Ashes of Temptation (Temptation Series):

The story continues …

Colin raises his hand to backhand her, when they are interrupted by the sound of a crying baby.

Colin, appearing startled and surprised, jerks his head to look at the baby bassinette lying next to Clover’s bed. It was covered in a sheet, so he’s somehow missed it.

With his brow furrowed, and dragging Clover with, he raises the sheet and stares at the baby, his eyes widening as he does. “We have a baby?” The question is bad enough, without the sudden excitement in his eyes.

The look on his face tells her that his mind is gauging and calculating – How can this baby be mine when I’ve been in prison for three years? His neck jerks to look at her. “Then … whose …” His eyes turn to slits.

Clover’s knees buckle with fear. He is already so angry, if she tells him the truth, what then? Will he hurt the baby?
Clover launches into survival mode. “Please, Colin,” she begs, wiping blood off her mouth. “Please, just … calm down and … and I’ll tell you. Please!”

He stares at her.

The baby continues to cry.

When Drover hears the baby cry, he slams his shoulder harder against the door. The sounds of the door slamming against the set of drawers, only serves to make the baby cry louder.

Inside the room, Clover’s begging and pleading continues. “Please, he’s so little, Colin, and he’s crying. Let me get to him. Please, I beg of you.”

He doesn’t move; he seems frozen.

“Please, he’s like Angel … like Eden, but little. Please, Colin.”
Bringing Angel and Eden’s names into the fray works – Colin’s hold on her hair relaxes. Clover darts out of his reach, quickly slips on a dressing gown, and with shaking hands, picks up her baby.

As Colin watches his wife soothe a baby that’s not his, his shoulders round. “You have a baby with him, Clover?”

She gives Colin an apologetic look.

Colin sits on the edge of the bed and mutters, “How could this be happening?”

“Colin, I’m so s … sorry. I am. I’m just so sorry.”

He stares at her in silence.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m so sorry, Colin.”

“I’m going to kill him, Clover.” His tone of voice is so matter-of-fact, Clover is suddenly covered in goose bumps. She looks at the door that threatening to burst open any moment. On one hand she wants Drover to enter the room, on the other, she is terrified of what might happened when he does.

“I promise, I am going to kill him.”
Stay calm! Stay calm! The most important thing to Clover right now, is to get the baby out of this room and to safety. Colin’s state of mind – he’s hit her and he’s threatened to kill Drover – is terrifying right now. Most of all, she is terrified he may harm the baby. She doesn’t care what he does to her; she just wants to keep the baby from harm.

“Please, Colin, the baby needs his bottle. “Please …”

Colin stares at the baby, ignoring the sound of the door being broken down, ignoring her pleas, a somewhat baffled look on his face.

“Open the fucking door, Callan!” Drover says, fear in his voice.
“Please, Colin, he’s just a little baby and he needs a feed. Please …”
After staring at her for a while, Colin gets to his feet and walks toward the door. He stands in front of the cupboard blocking the door and watches it move inch by inch with Drover’s shoving.

Clover holds her breath – will he allow her out, or won’t he?

Then, to her absolute relief, Colin pushes away the cupboard.

The door flies open and Clover rushes out with the baby in her arms, colliding with Drover in the passageway.

“Did he hurt you?” Drover demands, pushing her aside to stand in front of Colin.

With the baby in her arms, Clover tries to hold Drover back, wanting to prevent a physical confrontation between him and Colin. In her mind, Colin is not the villain here, he is the victim. She cheated on him.

“He didn’t hurt me, Drover. He didn’t!”

Drover points at her split lip. “You’re bleeding! Don’t lie to me, Love!”
“Drover, listen to me: I fell. I fell and hit the … the side of the chair when … when I got out of bed. In my haste. He didn’t hurt me.”
“That’s a lie!” Drover snarls, trying to push past her.

With her baby in her arms, she desperately tries to block his path. “Drover, stop!”

“Why were you screaming, then? Huh? He hurt you. I can tell. Step aside. NOW!”
“No!” Clover says, “I … I was just … just … I’m okay.” She thrusts the baby at Drover. “Give him a bottle of milk, please. Go!”

Drover doesn’t take the baby from Clover, and he doesn’t move.

For a few moments, they all stand in a row, Drover, Clover and Colin. Behind Drover is  Andrew, Daisy and Milton, all with shocked looks on their faces.

“Please, Drover, be part of the solution, not the problem. Please.”

Drover looks at Clover’s flushed face, at Colin’s angry one, and says, “Daisy, take the baby.”
Daisy steps forward and takes the baby off Clover.

Even though Clover is afraid right now – afraid that Colin might attack her again now that the baby is out of her arms, afraid of a physical confrontation between Colin and Drover, she  knows what she must do – calm Colin down.

She turns to him. “Colin, please … let’s go downstairs and talk.”

“Go put on some clothes!” Colin says.

That order from him, random as it is, is a startling reminder that she is still married to him. That he still believes that she is his wife.

She looks at Drover.

He has a sneer on his face.

Clover wants to put on some clothes, but she dares not leave Colin and Drover alone for a moment. Nor will she ask Colin to go into the room with her to put on some clothes.

Having no choice, Clover pulls her gown tightly around her, and in a firm voice says, “I’m okay, Colin. Let’s go downstairs.” She looks at Drover and motions for him to lead the way.

He does, and she follows him downstairs, with Colin behind her.

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They stand in the living room in a triangle – Drover, Clover and Colin. A short distance away stands Milton with his arms folded. Lurking in the back of the room are Andrew and Daisy.

“Can you please give us some space?” Clover whispers to Drover.

Drover shakes his head from side to side.

“Drover, it’s okay.”
He remains where he is, a stubborn look on his face.

“Drover, please!” she begs.

“Don’t ask me that again, Love,” he snaps.

With a sigh, Clover turns to Colin. “Colin, look, I’m –”

“Whose house is this, Clover?” Colin demands. “I need the truth, you hear?”
With a nod, Clover says, “Drover’s house, I mean, Phillip. But, but … but … Colin, I live here. I rent it with our girls.”
“You rent it from him?”
“Y … yes …”

“You’re having an affair with this jerk?” Milton demands from a distance. “The one who put your husband behind bars? Huh?”
Clover glares at Milton. “You be quiet! This does not concern you. Please!”
Milton gives a mirthless chuckle. “Right.”

Clover turns back to Colin. “When did you get released, Colin? Like why? I mean, how did you get out?”

Colin doesn’t answer; he just stares at Clover, his jaw clenched, that look in his eye again that tells her that his brain is trying to process all that he’s hearing.
“Early release, four years’ probation,” Milton says in an impatient voice. “Nutshell. Your turn, Mrs. Callan.” He tilts his head at her.

Ignoring Milton, Clover looks at Colin. “Really, Colin? That’s … that’s wonder –”

“Wonderful?” Colin sneers. “Please!”

Clover looks away, her face red with embarrassment. She looks at Drover. He is glaring at Milton, a scowl on his face.

Colin looks around. “Where are my daughters?”
“Angel is at a sleepover at –”

“How convenient,” Milton says. “Get rid of the kids so you two can –”

“Mate, shut the fuck up!” Drover snarls. advancing toward Milton.

Milton quickly backs down.
“Colin, I will pick her up soon,” Clover says in a modulated voice. “They’ve had a birthday party for Arena’s daughter Savannah, yesterday. A sleepover. Slumber party. Eden is here. Asleep.” She points upstairs.

“Why do you call him Drover?” Colin demands.
Clover hesitates. Tell the truth and have Drover disbarred, or skirt the question? She chooses the latter. “Because … Colin, it’s a long story.”
Colin folds his arms and looks at Clover. “I’ve got time, and I want the truth. Everything. Every single thing!”

Clover covers her face with her hands. Every little thing. Where does she start?

Colin reaches and pulls away her hands.

“Hey!” Drover says.

Colin stands up straight and looks at Drover, a yeah?-what-you-gonna-do-about-it? look on his face.

Clover quickly flashes her palm at Drover, urging him to be quiet. She then looks pointedly at Milton.

Milton rolls his eyes, before backing out of the house, muttering something about how much his daughter is going to love this drama.
Clover turns to Colin. “O … kay.” She blows out a breath that sends her fringe fluttering. “Colin, I met Drover years ago and I had a … a relationship with him.”
“No, that can’t be.” Colin shakes his head vigorously from side to side. “You did not have a relationship with him, Clover. No!”
“I did.”
“Clover, he acted for the state, against me. He would have had to recuse himself from the case if there was something between the two of you. You would have told me about it.”
Clover chews on her lower lip, unsure what to say.

“Oh, I get it – he wanted to be involved so that he could send me away, pave the way for himself.” He nods. “It makes sense now.”
“Bullshit!” Drover says.

“I’m not talking to you!” Colin snaps, darting his finger at Colin.

“Colin, stop!” Clover cries.

“Mate …” Drover says, “don’t point your fucking finger at me!”

“Drover, please!” Clover says.
“I’m not your mate,” Colin says moving toward Drover. “So, don’t call me mate.”

Clover grabs hold of Colin’s t-shirt. “Colin, stop!”

“Or you’ll do what, mate?” Drover snarls, moving toward Colin.
“Drover, just stop!” Clover begs.

Andrew steps between the angry men and does his bit to help keep them apart.

“And don’t call her Love,” Colin says. “Her name is Clover. Clover Callan.”
With a defiant look on his face, Drover says, “Love – she’s Love to me.”
“I’ll smash your face in,” Colin says. “You wanna try me. I’ve been in prison, remember? You put me there so you could steal my family. Remember?”
“Fuck you! You put yourself there because you were a jerk to your wife. Don’t blame others. Take responsibility for your actions, man.”

The men glare at each other, both bristling with fury.

Clover is at a loss – what does she do next?

“I’m going to kill you,” Colin warns in a quiet voice.

Again, Colin’s tone of voice is matter-of-fact, an announcement, rather than a threat, brings another bout of goose bumps for Clover.

“Dad … dad … must I call the police?” Daisy asks from a distance.

Drover does not answer.
“No,” Clover mouths to Daisy. “Call Ritchie. Tell him to come quickly. Ask him to bring Bear with. Hurry!”

With a nod, a nervous Daisy makes the call.

Clover turns to Colin. “Colin, please calm down. I can explain everything. Just give me a chance to.”

Colin grabs her arm. “Explain? Explain how you visited me in prison while carrying his baby, and managed to keep it from me? Explain that, Clover?”

“Hey, take it easy,” Drover says. “Don’t manhandle her.”
“You shut your mouth!” Colin snarls. “You scum! You goddamn thief!”

“Oh, God!” Clover moans.

“Thief?” Drover’s chuckle is dry. “Who stole from their congregation, huh? Millions of dollars?”

“Drover, please!” Clover begs.

Colin moves toward Drover, his fists clenched. “Get the hell out of here! Now!”

“This is my house!” Drover says.

“Drover, please,” Clover begs, tears filling in her eyes. “I need your help here. Please?”

Drover takes in Love’s liquid eyes and simmers down. With a nod, he backs out of the room, muttering, “He better not touch you.”

As Drover turns to walk out of the living room, Colin does something Clover never thought he’d do. He lunges at Drover and punches him in the temple. Blindsided, Drover stumbles ahead and crashes into a table.

Clover screams.

Drover turns around and, boots Colin in the knee.

Colin falls to the ground.

“You threw the first punch mate,” Drover says, standing over Colin, his fists balled, his legs astride. “You start something, I’ll finish it, mate. Don’t fuck with me! Don’t FUCK with me! Especially not in my home.”

While still on the ground, Colin lashes out with his foot, slamming his boot into Drover’s ankle, sending him crashing to the ground.

Daisy and Clover’s screams fill up the quiet neighbourhood.

Just when Clover thinks it can’t get any worse, six policemen charge into the house.

“Colin’s on probation!” Clover shrieks. “Oh God!”

End of Excerpt.

Ashes of Temptation coming soon!

PS: My Facebook account is still locked because of the phishing attack on my account, so please follow me on this site for updates and news on my books.

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Ashes of Temptation – Cover Reveal – a book by Eve Rabi (2nd Debut)






Coming soon!

I do believe that some of you couldn’t access this post, so if you haven’t been able to, here it is again!

An Excerpt from Ruins of Temptation
(Already published)

A shirtless Drover gets out of bed and stumbles downstairs, throws open the door and balks at

the sight of Colin on his doorstep, roses and teddy bears in hand.

At the sight of attorney Phillip Sterling, Colin’s smile dips. This is the man who pulled a dirty on

him. Not his favorite person.

“I think I have the wrong house,” Colin mumbles as he backs away. “Apologies.” He turns and walks down the footpath.

From the car, Milton sees the shirtless Phillip Sterling at the door. He knows Phillip – he’s the man who put his daughter away in prison. Not his favorite person either. What the hell? Maybe we have the wrong address.

“Wait!” Drover calls.

Colin stops and turns around.

“Why are you out of prison?”

“Look it up if you want to know,” Colin says in an abrupt voice, then turns to continue walking.


With a sigh, Colin stops and turns around. “What do you want, Sterling? I don’t have time.”

“Wait!” Drover says. “Just a moment. Are you looking for …?”

“I’m looking for my wife. Clover Callan, remember her? My daughters? My family? Clearly, I have the wrong house.” He turns around and walks again.

“Wait! She’s here!”

Colin whirls around.

“She … this is the house,” Drover says. “She’s here.”

Colin tilts his head at Drover. “My wife is here? In this house?”

After a slight hesitation, Drover nods.

Colin squints at him. “Where?”


Colin’s eyes sweep over Drover, taking in the fact that he is shirtless, wearing just a pair of short, looking like he’s just rolled out of bed. He turns to look at Milton, then back at Drover. “I don’t understand – is my wife living here with you?”

Drover doesn’t answer; he just stares at Colin with one hand on his head.

End of excerpt from Ruins of Temptation

The story continues in Ashes of Temptation

Excerpt from Ashes of Temptation 

Colin’s eyes flicker with confusion – if Clover is living here, if she is upstairs, why is this attorney from the public prosecutor’s office, the one who reneged on their deal, who double-crossed him and put him behind bars for seven years, shirtless and bare feet in the very same home? Colin blinks hard – Am I dreaming?

Drover blinks equally hard – how is this possible? Callan should be in prison right now – am I dreaming?

The hostility in Callan’s eyes tell him he’s may not be trapped in a bad dream after all. Drover glances upstairs, debating with himself – should he shout and warn out to Love, or go to her, whisper in her ear and bring her downstairs? He is certain Love will be equally shocked to see Colin here. Finally, he says, “Okay, look, if you wait here, I wi –”

Still clutching the two teddy bears and the bunch of roses, Colin pushes past Drover and strides into the house.

“Hey, wait in a minute!” Drover says, running after Colin.
Ignoring Drover, Colin walks around the house, sighting things that only compound his confusion – Eden’s rocking horse, Angel’s favourite blanket, a portable baby cot, Clover’s discarded jacket …

He pauses to pick up Clover’s jacket and stares at it. He was with her when she bought it. She even wore it to prison when she visited him in it.

“Look, just wait here and I will call her,” Drover says, a thread of anxiousness in his voice.

After a cursory glance at Drover, Colin pauses at the foot of the stairs and look upstairs.

Drover steps in front of Colin, blocking his path. “Wait here, and –”

Ignoring Drover and adding Clover’s jacket to the roses and teddy bears in his arms, Colin side-steps Drover and takes the stairs two at a time.

“Hold on there!” Drover yells.
Colin pokes his head into the bedrooms, looking for Clover. Even though the first bedroom is empty, it is instantly recognizable as Angel’s because of the photos of him and Angel on the wall. I’m in the right house.

He walks fast into the second bedroom, where he finds Eden fast asleep. His frown softens as he stares at his daughter that he hasn’t seen in three years.

. Fighting the urge to hug his daughter, Colin turns and almost runs out of the room in search of his wife.
When he reaches the third room, the door is shut. He flings it open and looks into the face of the woman lying in bed.


His wife.

“Colin!” Clover cries when she sees Colin in her bedroom, clutching the teddy bears, roses and her jacket. “Wha …” The words die on her lips as she looks at Drover at the doorway, his palms turned out.

“Clover?” Colin whispers.

“I … Colin … ohmygod!” is all Clover can say, before she clamps both hands across her mouth.

With a dazed expression on his face, Colin looks at Drover, at Clover, at Drover, then again at Clover. “Wha … wha … what … Clover …” He rubs his eyes with his knuckles, “Am I … dreaming?”

Clover is speechless.

Colin stands in the middle of the bedroom, Clover’s jacket still in his hand, his eyes squinting at the tell-tale signs of a couple sharing a room – Drover’s phone and wrist watch on the bedside table, along with a half-finished bottle of water and the TV remote, the rumpled bedlinen next to Clover, Drover’s t-shirt and shoes on the floor.

Colin stares at Clover and the flimsy nightdress that shows her nipples. “I must be dreaming,” he mutters, blinking hard.

“Colin, I can explain,” Clover says, as she pulls the bedcovers over her, a move that only serves to highlight her lack of modesty, her duplicity. She opens her mouth to explain, but shock and disbelief renders her mute. Under Colin’s piercing gaze, she hangs her head.

For a while no one speaks.

Drover breaks the silence. “Look, Callan –”

Colin swings around to look at Drover. “Can you do me a favour?”

After a slight hesitation, Drover shrugs.

“There’s someone at the door. Can you let him in, please?”

“Who is it?” Drover asks, reluctant to leave Clover right now.

“My parole officer. He needs to meet … my wife.”
Drover looks at Clover, glances behind him, then at Clover again.

Relieved that his parole officer is around to may serve as a buffer to the situation, Clover’s head bobs. “Go! Let him in. Please!”

Drover too is relieved. He’s seen the car parked in his driveway, so he steps out of the room, eager to bring in the parole officer.

The moment he leaves the room, Colin flings down the jacket, the roses and the teddy bears. He slams the bedroom door shut then locks it.

Clover is startled that he would lock the door. “Colin, shouldn’t we go downstairs to meet …”

The words die on her lips when she watches Colin drag a cupboard across the door. Fear bolts through when she realizes that she is now trapped in the room with Colin. With a Colin that lured Drover out of the room, then locked the door.

The moment the door locks, Drover realizes what just happened. He rushes to open the door, slams his shoulder into it, but it won’t budge. He runs to fetch a baseball bat and slams it against the door, hoping to create a hole in it. The bat breaks on the first hit.

Inside the bedroom, when he’s sure they no one can leave, and that no one can enter, Colin turns slowly to look at Clover. “Are you living with him? Are you sleeping with him?” Colin advances toward her as he speaks, his eyes hooded, his voice low and controlled. Too controlled for a man who just caught his wife in bed with another man.

The expression in his eyes is familiar – she’d seen it just before, when he tried to strangle her at the Church of Light. When he believed she was Scarlett trying to pass herself off as Love. For days after that, she slept in a locked office with a Taser at hand, for fear he would harm her.

Clover scrambles back in bed. “Colin …I can explain …”

Colin towers over her, burly and muscular, more muscular than she’s known him to be. The cords in his neck, the twitching of his jaw, the flaring of his nostrils, augments her fear.

“Hey, open this door!” Drover shouts from outside the room. “Callan!”

Ignoring the rattling of the doorknob and Drover’s banging on the door, Colin says, “Don’t explain, just answer my question – are you living … are you, my wife … are you living with Phillip Sterling?”

Clutching the bedcovers, Clover looks away. “I … I … Colin …”

“Are you sleeping with him, CLOVER? I need to hear it from you.”

Clover doesn’t answer. Instead, she looks at the door, gauging and calculating – should she make a dash for it? She is fast on her feet, sure, but what about the cupboard?

Colin suddenly lunges at her, grabs her by the hair and drags her out of bed.

Clover’s terrified scream can be heard outside the house in the still of the morning.

“I asked you a goddam question!” he says, planting her in front of him, his bulging eyes boring into hers, his breathing erratic.

When she doesn’t answer, he jerks her toward him, slamming her into his chest. “Tell me, Clover. Tell me.”

“I … Colin… you’re hurting me, Colin!” she cries, as he holds onto her hair.

Milton, who now stands outside his car, is startled by the sound of a woman’s scream.

Realizing something is wrong, he hurries into the house and toward the sound of the screams. “Oh, shit!” he says when he sees Drover slamming his shoulder against the bedroom door.

“Call the cops!” Drover says.

Milton hesitates.

“Call the cops!” Drover repeats. My phone’s inside the room!”

Milton hesitates.

“What?” Drover demands.

“He’ll go back to jail.”
“Call the FUCKING cops!” Drover shouts.

Just then Andrew and Daisy burst into the house.

“Dad!” Daisy cries. “What’s going on?”

“Andy, help me,” Drover says. “I broke the lock, but something’s against the door.”

Inside the room, a terrified Clover tries to stay calm, even though she looks into Colin’s face, puce with rage.

“When did you start this affair?”
As Clover tries to think of an answer, a whimper escapes her.

“Answer me, CLOVER!”

She doesn’t answer, because through her terror, she knows that whatever answer she gives will be unacceptable.

Colin suddenly slaps her across the face, splitting her lip. “I’m going to kill you, Clover!”

End of Excerpt for Ashes of Temptation

Coming soon!

PS: My Facebook account is still under temporary lock due to a phishing scam, so I am unable to respond to your messages on FB. Feel free to contact me via this blog, or

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Facebook, you son of a Beeaarch!


Locked out of Facebook, blog 15 Aug 18So, I get a message from Facebook stating that my account is temporarily locked because of “phishing.”

Ph … ishing: the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The moment the phishing started, Facebook was quick to react. They rose to the occasion and handled the problem by … locking me out of my account.
That’s right, the motherphuckers won’t let me log onto my account.
Maybe it’s my karma – I was laughing my head off when Ashley Madison was hacked.
(What? Like you didn’t laugh?)

So, it’s been a month since the motherphuckers locked me out. Even though I pray every night to the Facebook gods to open the pearly gates of Facebook and allow me to enter, my fervent prayers are in vain – I am still locked out of Hell. Eh, Facebook.

So, if you have messaged me or commented on any of my posts in the last month, I’m not ignoring you, I just don’t have access to my account right now.

Of course, being the social creature that I am (aren’t I?), I feel terribly isolated and excluded from the social sandpit, so all I can do is sit in isolation, eat chocolate and contemplate starting my own Facebook. When I’m not writing, of course.
Talking about writing – okay, for those of you who are waiting patiently, and not so patiently for the next instalment of Scarlett’s antics, hang in there – I’m busy with it. I will be revealing the cover in a couple of days, so standby.
Eve 🙂

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Restructuring, Changes to my Books, Weight Gain and More – Eve Rabi

Missy under mat for blog


Hi all!

You may have noticed some changes with regards to my books. For example, Derailed is now titled, The Scorned Wife.
To avoid confusion among readers, and in the quest to improve our game, we’ve embarked on some overall restructuring, which affects some of my 30 published book titles, as well as series titles. It’s a pain in the butt, making all these changes, but to keep me selling books, which keeps me writing more stories for you, which I love to do, it was necessary. More changes will be made in the upcoming months.


Casey Treadmill

If you’re in the middle of reading about Scarlett (the bitch!) and her karma, you will have downloaded Ruins of Temptation by now. Scarlett has her final say in Ashes of Temptation – What goes around. The release date for Ashes will be announced on this blog in the next couple of weeks. As the SOBs at Facebook often hides posts, please follow this blog for updates, teasers, etc.
The Girl on Fire series has been restructured, but current readers will not be affected by these changes. New readers and anyone confused about the order of books, should refer to the links at the end of this blog, which explains the changes.


I’ve worked really hard to bring you the rest of the instalments in the Girl on Fire series (four books in six months! That’s right, a book every six weeks in the last six months!),  spending hours at my keyboard, pounding away, only getting up from my ergonomically designed, overpriced office chair (which doesn’t rock, by the way), to fetch another Mars Bar or hot chocolate, or chocolate mud cake, or strawberries dipped in chocolate …
For some reason, the weight has really piled on.
Luckily, it’s winter here, so I’ve fished out all my big coats, which hide a multitude of sins whenever I tear myself away from my laptop and leave the house (which is usually to get more chocolate and Diet Coke. ).
Anyway, nuff rambling …. where was I? Oh, yeah, changes to my books … right!
There are a few more books from different series in the pipeline, which will be released after Scarlett (the bitch!) is put to rest. So to speak. Wink! Wink!
I’m really excited about my new books, about six of them, which I plan to release in the upcoming months, after Ashes of Temptation.

Now, I’m off to grab some M & Ms. The ones with peanuts in them. Or maybe the ones with raisins in them. Or maybe the one with only milk chocolate in them. Wait! Maybe I can have … all three of them? Why stress myself out by having to choose?

See you later!  (That’s how we Aussies say goodbye. Don’t say I don’t never teach ya nuttin’.)
Eve Rabi 🙂

PS: Every year, on my birthday, 01 June, one of my personalities (I have many) reminds the others that I am getting old in a very unsympathetic manner. It’s kinda depressing, and it makes me attack a whole meat-lovers pizza (with extra mozzarella) and a box of Lindt chocolate.
Luckily, I don’t drink alcohol anymore (Gave it up for music and a free electric band) or I’d have drunk a bottle of New Zealand Chardonnay, then attacked said vicious personality with a Sharon Stone ice pick. Gave up alcohol and sugar to lose weight and find a husband, considering my husband passed away, God bless his soul. Fortunately chocolate does not have sugar, yet I am still husbandless.
Anyway, on that day, my birthday, I take photos of myself in inappropriate clothing, and then have a wild party (probably in an attempt to cling to my youth). Here are a few of those pics of me clinging.
PPS: I’m the one in black 🙂

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Updated list (June 2018) of Romantic Crime and Suspense books by Eve Rabi 

PAYBACK – Sometimes Karma takes so friggin’ long, you have to lend a hand (book 1 in the Payback Series FREE book)
ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (book 2 in the Payback Series)

THE OTHER MAN – It was more than an affair, it was a conspiracy of lies and deceit. (a standalone book)


THE OTHER WOMAN – An epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed
wife and a cunning seductress (Book 1 – The Other Woman Series)
THE SCORNED WIFE – To win back her husband, the rejected wife must emulate the other woman. Become her if possible. (Book 2 in the Other Woman Series. Previously titled Derailed)


THE GOLD DIGGERS’s GUIDE TO SEDUCTION – Unfair, Underhanded and Downright Deceitful Seduction Tips ((Volume 1 in the Seduction series, penned by Scarlett Smyth-Murdoch-Callan from The Other Woman series)


LEAD ME INTO TEMPTATION – He may be a man of God, but he’s still just a man. (Book 1 in the Temptation Series)
TEMPTATION’S GRIP – A romantic crime & suspense novel about lust, infidelity and murder (Book 2 in the Temptation Series)
THE WHISPER OF TEMPTATION – The power of Love (Book 3 in the Temptation Series)
WRATH OF TEMPTATION – Hell Hath no Fury (Book 4 in the Temptation Series)
EMBERS OF TEMPTATION – You forget; lust burns bright, intensely, but extinguishes just as quickly – (Book 5 in the Temptation Series)
FRAGMENTS OF TEMPTATION – Careful where you step, ’cause there all hearts all over the floor. (Book 6 in the Temptation Series)
RUINS OF TEMPTATION – A forbidden touch, a treacherous heart, desires that cannot be denied. (Book 7 in the Temptation Series) Available now on Amazon
ASHES OF TEMPTATION – What goes around (Book 8 in the Temptation Series) coming soon


THE BEAST (book 1 in Gringa Series free for a limited time)
THE TAMING OF THE BEAST (Book 2 in the Gringa Series – free for a limited time)
BEAST OF MINE  (Books 3 and 4 combined, the final part of the Gringa series.)
BELOVED BEAST (The original ending to the GRINGA series. No longer for sale. However, once you’ve read Beloved Beast, you will know how to obtain this version free of charge)

DECEPTION – A Palace Full of Liars – Book 1
MORE THAN DECEPTION – A Palace Full of Liars – Book 2


BURN’S WORLD – Part One – Free book (comprises books one and two)
BURNS’S WORLD – Part Two  (comprises books three and four)

CAPTURED – My Sworn Enemy, My Secret Lover (book 1)
CAPTURED: My Sworn Enemy, My Secret Lover (original book two, no longer in publication)
CAPTURED FOREVER – My Sworn Enemy, My Secret Lover (book 2)

THE CHEAT – A Tale of Lies and Infidelity – Book 1 in a Tale of Lies and Infidelity Series
THE AFTERMATH OF CHEATING – A Tale of Lies and Infidelity – Book 2 in the Tale of Lies and Infidelity Series


STILL OBSESSED WITH ME –Book 2 in the Obsessed series

BETRAYED – He’d get his Girl at Any Cost

MY BROTHER, MY RIVAL – All out of love

MY BROTHER, MY RIVAL- How can I not love you?




Ruins of Temptation by Eve Rabi – Now available on Amazon!

Cover Ruins of Temptation 6 June 2018.jpgA forbidden touch, a treacherous heart, desires that cannot be denied.

Now available on Amazon!

Amazon US:

Amazon U.K.:

Amazon Aus:



Yes, we’re ahead of schedule, so download now and enjoy another instalment on Scarlett’s antics!




cover the other woman August 2017 MEDIUM.jpg.99 cents for a limited time!


The Other Woman (an epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed wife and a cunning seductress),  which is available on #KindleUnlimited.
Fans of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, The Affair, will be gripped by Eve Rabi’s riveting tale of love, lust and revenge.
#RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense #StoriesofRevenge #VigilanteJustice #FreeonKindleUnlimited #LoveTriangles#TheOtherWoman

Ruins of Temptation – Eve Rabi

Cover Ruins of Temptation 6 June 2018.jpg




“Joy! What are you doing here?”
The last person Drover expects to see on his doorstep is Joy. How she found out where he lives, he has no idea. Strangely, once he gets over his surprise, he is actually happy to see her.
“Hello, ex-husband! Is that the way you greet your ex-wife?” she asks in a sweet voice.

“Well, I …”

“You gonna ask me in or –”
“Come in! Come in!” He steps aside to allow her in.

She looks a little worse for wear – lines around her mouth and eyes, broken blood capillaries on her nose and cheeks, dishevelled and brittle hair, stains on her sweat suit, and she has put on weight. Since he’s last seen her, she appears to have aged. A lot.

Joy enters and looks around Drover’s home. “So, this really how you live these days?” Her voice is unmistakably critical.
“It’s okay,” Drover says in a defensive voice. “It’s all I need.” Mentally, he makes a note to get in a property stylist and fix the place.

“A far cry from the mansion we lived in,” she says in a sympathetic voice. “Poor Drover.”
Drover shrugs. “How are Daisy and Andrew?”
“Okay.” Her dismissive tone tells him that she does not want to discuss the children with him.

He gestures to a chair. “Coffee?”
“A beer would be great, thank you.”

Without thinking, he glances at his wristwatch. 8:58 A.M.

“Don’t be a prude now, Drover. It makes you look old and boring.”
“Okay.” He fetches her a beer and a Coke for himself.

Joy eyes him as she takes a sip of her beer. He’s in good shape, clean-shaven and neat. His shirt is creased, but other than that, he still looks good. Such a sharp contrast to Paul, who sports the look of a homeless man these days. Now that he’s no longer practicing law.

Imagine if I didn’t bring Paul into the house, Joy thinks. I would be sleeping next to this every night. Silly me.

“What brings you to Sydney?” Drover asks, shifting about in his chair. He has not seen Joy since he walked out of their house. Their speedy divorce was handled by their attorneys and since both parties cooperated, there was no need for face to face meetings.

“Okay, business …” Joy takes a sip of beer, puts it down and looks at him. “I’m curious as to how Jeff Pace could allow you to be involved in the Callan-Murdoch case?”

Her answer stuns Drover, and for a moment he just stares at her.

“I mean, you have declared your relationship with the defendant, right? The one you’ve dropped all charges against?”
Drover sucks in his bottom lip.

“The one whose husband you sent to prison?”

“Joy, I do not wish to discuss –”

“The one who lives in your property across the street?”

He stares at her in disbelief. How the hell did she know all of this?

“I’ve done my homework, Phillip,” she says, before she takes another swig of beer.

“What do you want, Joy?”
“All three of your properties.”

His jaw drops.

She drinks up.
“Joy … are you fucking nuts?”

“And I want her kicked out of that property. I do not want her living in it.”

“You want me to put her out? She has children!”

Staying focused, Joy reaches into her bag and pulls out a stack of papers. “I’ve made things easy for you by drawing up the documents. I will be trustee, after you resign of course. All I need is your signature and I’ll do the rest.”

Drover stares unblinking at Joy. “You drew up the paperwork?”
She nods and pushes it over to him.

He shoves the papers back at her. “Go fuck yourself!”

“I’m with Paul, still, so he’ll do all the fucking, thank you very much.” She smiles. “You on the other hand, will be fucked and disbarred, Drover. And the scandal at the offices of the Public Prosecutor? It will be huge, Drover. They may be forced to review the case against Love, retry her husband, and charges may even be levelled against you. Who knows, you may even face imprisonment.”

Drover stares at his ex-wife. She was right – everything that she said could happen. “I’ll take my chances,” he says, scraping back his chair and getting to his feet. “I don’t do blackmail.” He heads for the door.
“There will be pressure for Love to stand trial for her participation – I’ll campaign to make sure she does.”

Drover freezes.

Joy takes another swig of beer.

Drover slowly turns around to look at Joy. She jerks her chin toward his chair. After a slight hesitation, Drover walks back and stands behind his chair, his jaw clamped.

She smiles at him.

“How did you become this way, Joy? Where is the woman I married? The one I fell in love with? Huh?”
“She died when you cheated on her with that fucking waif, Drover!”
“No.” He shakes his head. “The joy I married, she wasn’t malicious. No, and I refuse to believe she could have morphed into this … this vicious woman sitting across me right now. This blackmailer. Paul is behind this, right? It has to be his idea.”

Joy’s wave is dismissive. “Regardless, I want your property portfolio, or I will bring you down, Drover. You and all those around you. It will be huge, it will be ugly.” She taps the document in front of him. “I’m not playing.”

Drover is at a loss for words. He flirts with the idea of succumbing, simply to avoid the case against Love being re-opened. What if he caves and gives in? Love and her children will be on the street. Okay, he can still help her out, but he knows that the blackmail will never end. He believes he will not be just fighting Joy, he will be fighting Paul as well. Paul was always underhanded. When they were young and in school, Drover regarded Paul’s antics as daring, amusing, entertaining, even. Paul was the bad boy, the risk taker, fearless and shrewd. He broke into neighbours’ homes and stole for weed, booze and for just partying in general. Petty thieving, so it was all fun seeing what he could get away with. Drover and Joy would laugh it all off when Paul bragged about his escapades. As they grew older, Paul became addicted to cocaine and booze, and his thieving escalated to more than petty crimes to fund his habit. Paul was a smart, shrewd attorney who represented big, unethical clients, so he commanded top dollar. However, he was always broke because of his drug habit. Unable to pay his bills, Paul pushed his brand-new Porsche into a lake, then reported it stolen. When he filed an insurance claim against it, the insurance company investigated. They then denied his claim and filed a charge of insurance fraud against Paul. Paul needed Drover’s help in providing him with an alibi. Drover refused to get involved. Paul became livid with Drover, they argued about it, and a wedge formed between the two friends. Drover didn’t care what Paul thought and began to distance himself from his friend.

Paul fired back by sleeping with Drover’s girl, Joy. She fell for the bad-boy image and had an affair with Paul. Drover immediately ended the relationship with Joy. She begged him to reconsider, saying she had made a mistake while intoxicated. Drover refused. Joy ended up falling pregnant by Paul. She married him and had another baby with him. Paul was eventually disbarred for using misusing money from a client’s trust account. Broke, unemployed, and with two small children to feed, Paul began to drink heavily and took out his frustrations on Joy and the children.

Joy called Drover from a women’s shelter one night and begged for his help.

He helped her, and slowly they rekindled their friendship. Drover fell in love with Andrew and Daisy, and they took to him right away, having never really bonded with Paul. After a long courtship, Joy and Drover managed to put the past behind them and resumed their relationship. Paul wanted nothing to do with Joy or his children, so Drover was the only father that Daisy and Andrew recognized. Until now – Drover believes that they may now consider Paul their father once again, a thought that hurts, even though it shouldn’t.

“Well?” Joy asks.

Drover stands up. “Say hello to the kids for me,” he says as he walks to the door and throws it open.

A look of surprise flits over Joy’s face.

“Say hello to attorney Stacy Wilson,” Joy says as she stands up. “Heard you’re about to adopt her.” Her smile is mocking.

Drover shakes his head. “Private detective?”
She nods. “How else?”

“Well, you should fire your P.I. because she’s a paralegal, not an attorney.”
“Oh, that explains the photos of the two of you on Instagram.”
Drover rubs his eye. Shit! He hates it when Stacy takes photos of them and posts them on social media.

“And on snapchat,” Joy continues in her mocking voice. “And Facebook, and all her other social media accounts. Who would have thought you’d be a vegan one day? I didn’t. You’re a meat and … more meat type of man. Well, that’s what I thought. Who would have thought you’d like fat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free vegan ice cream?”
“So you’re stalking me, then?” Drover says. “Stalking us?”
“Well, that little girl wants the world and his wife to see her every move, Drover. How can you blame me?” She gives him a saccharine smile. “It’s soooo sweet. Reminds me of my daughter – she’s always posting on social media. Kids that age … why you shaking your head, Drover?”

“Well, Joy, you know … I have always been there for you. From the time we were little, I’ve been someone you could rely on. So, I’m baffled as to why you’d want to destroy your strength? Who’ve you got other than me? Huh?” Before she can answer, he says, “Please don’t lie to yourself that Paul is there for you, that you have Paul, because we all know that Paul is only there for Paul, not even for his kids. You and I both know that. You wrote to him and asked him to attend Andrew sixteenth birthday – I know you did, because I saw your sent email. He told you to fuck off. He didn’t care about his children, but I cared, and I gave all I could to them. So why would you want to hurt me like this?”

Joy shrugs.

“I never meant to hurt you. I was lonely, lost with you and I had no hope, so I latched onto … onto a vine on a slippery slope, Joy, that’s all. A lifeline. But when push came to shove, Joy, when you came back into my life, I chose you, not her. Did you forget that?”
“You finished, Drover?”

“I put you before her, even though I could easily have gone the other way. I loved you and cared enough for you, to put you first.”

“Are you fin—”
“Let’s hope you don’t need me one day, Joy. Because you are burning a very vital bridge right now. The only lifeline you have ever had in your entire life. The only support in your children’s life, because you know that I love those children like my own.”
Joy’s response is to let out a long breath.

“Yes, Joy, I am finished.”

She sashays out of the house.

End of Excerpt 


Available 26 June 2018.

This is not a stand-alone book. It is one of the books in the Girl on Fire Series.Read The Other Woman (an epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed wife and a cunning seductress),  which is available on #KindleUnlimited, Please read before you read this book. Fans of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, The Affair, will be gripped by Eve Rabi’s riveting tale of love, lust and revenge.

#RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense #StoriesofRevenge #VigilanteJustice #FreeonKindleUnlimited #LoveTriangles#TheOtherWoman

cover the other woman August 2017 MEDIUM.jpg.99 cents for a limited time!


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RUINS OF TEMPTATION – Girl on Fire Series by Eve Rabi

Blog 1 Ruins of Temptation 6 June 18

Book 12 in the Girl on Fire series available 26 June 2018!

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Cover Ruins of Temptation 6 June 2018.jpg
Available 26 June 2018

This is not a stand-alone book. It is one of the books in the Girl on Fire Series.
Read The Other Woman (an epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed wife and a cunning seductress),  which is available on #KindleUnlimited, Please read before you read this book. 
Fans of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, The Affair, will be gripped by Eve Rabi’s riveting tale of love, lust and revenge.
#RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense #StoriesofRevenge #VigilanteJustice #FreeonKindleUnlimited #LoveTriangles#TheOtherWoman

cover the other woman August 2017 MEDIUM.jpg.99 cents for a limited time!


Wordpress promo banner the other woman 18 dec 17 Eve Rabi
                                               .99 cents for a limited time!

FRAGMENTS OF TEMPTATION – Girl on Fire Series by Eve Rabi









Book 11 in the Girl on Fire Series is now available on Amazon.


Links to download this book:


Follow this blog to avoid missing out on the next excerpt/instalment. You’ll want to keep up with Scarlett’s karma, believe me!

This is not a stand-alone book. It is one of the books in the Girl on Fire Series.
Read The Other Woman (an epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed wife and a cunning seductress),  which is available on #KindleUnlimited, Please read before you read this book. (.99 cents for a limited time!)
Fans of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, The Affair, will love Eve Rabi’s tale of love, lust and revenge.
#RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense #StoriesofRevenge #VigilanteJustice #FreeonKindleUnlimited #LoveTriangles#TheOtherWoman

cover the other woman August 2017 MEDIUM.jpg.99 cents for a limited time!

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.99 cents for a limited time!













I have just learned that my U.K. readers aren’t able to access Embers of Temptation, from the Girl on Fire series. This is most disappointing for me, and my readers, who I know have been waiting impatiently for the next instalment in the series.
Here I am, forfeiting Zumba dance classes to bring out the book in record time, only to have some Amazonian glitch f**king up my book release! Why do bad things happen to good people?

Anyway, I have contacted Amazon via their “helpful” chat line, told them off, threatened to fire every one of them, using CAPS and six !!!!!! after each of my threats. Even though I am unable to fire them because they are Goliath and I am … well, David’s third wife. So, to speak.

I do believe my threats have scared the JeffBezos out of them, for they are working around the clock, forfeiting lunch and chai breaks to resolve the issue so that my beloved U.K. readers can access this book.
Well, I … I think they might forfeit lunch and tea breaks.
I’m hoping they do.
They’d better, if they don’t want me to take my business somewhere ELSE!!!!!! (See how effective six exclamation marks after a threat can be?) Taking away my business will undoubtedly put a massive hole in Jeff Bezos’ 130.2 billion dollars fortune, trust me. That U.S. dollars not Zimbabwean, okay?)

So, rest assured, I will follow up every hour to nag them about the issue.  If that doesn’t work, I will demand a call from Jeff Bezos, so I can complain to the man himself. Once again, my sincere apology for Goliath’s incompetence. But, hey, it’s not my fault!











Embers of Temptation is book 10, in the Girl on Fire Series. Read The Other Woman (an epic and jaw-dropping collision between a betrayed wife and a cunning seductress),  which is available on #KindleUnlimited, Please read before you read this book. 
Fans of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, The Affair,  will love Eve Rabi’s tale of love, lust and revenge.
#RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense #StoriesofRevenge #VigilanteJustice #FreeonKindleUnlimited #LoveTriangles#TheOtherWoman

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