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At last!

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“My mistakes are no worse than yours, just because I’m a woman.” (DERAILED)

Well, those are the words to a very old Dolly Parton song, but that what Scarlett believes. Now, I know you’re waiting impatiently for DERAILED, so I thought I’d share some of Rival and Scarlett’s thoughts with you.

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If you haven’t read The Other Woman – A betrayed wife takes on the other woman, a romantic thriller, read it quick! Here are the links:

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PS: Do you agree with what Scarlett is saying? Love to hear your comments. 🙂

Psst! Wanna hear something cool? Come close and I’ll tell ya. :)

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It’s ’bout Derailed, so come close. Closer. A little more then. Just a tad more…that’ll do. Now, as I have mentioned before, my sister who is an attorney, ensures that the legal aspects of my stories are correct. Sorta correct, ’cause it is fiction, remember? She’s a know-it-all (she really does know it all, trust me), tells it like it is and I can count on her brutal honesty when it comes to my books. And my weight, for that matter. Since she thoroughly enjoyed The Other Woman – A betrayed wife collides with the other woman, and was eagerly awaiting more from Rival and Scarlett, I was a tad nervous when I sent Derailed over to her. Would she love it, hate it, fall asleep after page 13? Would Derailed match up to The Other Woman?
With a bottle of New Zealand Oyster Bay Chardonnay on ice, and a Super Supreme (double mozzarella, stuffed crust) pizza on speed dial, I awaited her comments. I braced myself for harsh criticism, holes in the plot, and to make overall changes to the story, as I usually do.

This is what she had to say:
“I couldn’t put Derailed down, Eve. I just had to know what happened next. Just when I thought I knew what Scarlett was going to do, she did the exact opposite. It drove me nuts, but it also blew me away, made me cry and made me say wtf! more than a dozen times. I finished the book at 5:25 a.m — couldn’t stop reading. Had to be in court at 8:30, so I attempted to get at least an hour of shuteye. I couldn’t. My mind kept drifting back to Scarlett. So I eventually got out of bed and got dressed for court, baggy and red-eyed.”

Told ya it was cool. Here’s more of what she said:

“I didn’t think you could top The Other Woman, but man, oh man, I have to say, Derailed was better than The Other Woman!

Hear that? It was better than The Other Woman! Of course I was heaps thrilled to hear that. Sure, I had to make a few changes to the story, as per her suggestions, but only minor ones. After that, I went on to enjoy my Chardonnay and pizza. All of it, while watching Sandler and Barrymore making delightful asses of themselves in Africa in the movie Blended. Did you see that movie? It’s heaps funny.
Okay, I digress. Bottom line – we’re on track to publish Derailed on 30 November 2015. Great, huh? Okay, okay, fine! I’m just messing with you – Derailed will be published on 30 July 2015. Glad you’re paying attention. 🙂

For your kind patience, here’s a li’l more from Scarlett, the entertaining superbitch. It’s not professionally edited, so cut me some slack when you encounter typos, okay?

Random Seduction Tip from Scarlett Murdoch:

No one can spot a seducer faster than a siren or seductress. He’s the attentive scoundrel in Armani, habitually working his magic on some middle-age, wealthy or influential socialite who can undoubtedly benefit him in more ways than one. If she isn’t affluent or prominent, chances are, he won’t waste his valuable time on her.

He will give her his undivided attention and with one strategic move of his carefully cultivated form, he will cordon them both off from the others in the room.

He presents well, flaunts an expensive aftershave, is up to date with current affairs, and most importantly, he listens to her. How can she possibly mind?  In fact, she will be delighted to have captured his attention. There are so many women in the room, many of them younger and thinner than her, yet the seducer chooses her.

When she speaks, he looks directly into her eyes, and to her delight, appears greatly intrigued by whatever she has to say.

Charismatic and glib, just about every women in the room craves the seducer’s attention. Even a cursory glance from him, a nod in her direction, a mere crumb of his treasured attention, will suffice.

The seducer, like the siren, is fluent in the ways of seduction, having honed his craft over the years. To a skilful siren, he can prove to be a worthy opponent. A battle of wits with someone like him, her equal, will promise a most pleasurable game.

The question is: how do you acquire his attention with so many women in the room vying for it. By ignoring him essentially. Treat him like any other man in the room and you will capture his attention. Your apparent inability to be impressed with him, your ostensible disinterest in him will pique his curiosity.

However…you cannot succeed unless you have his attention in the first place. Allow me to clarify. It is imperative that you are the sexiest, most alluring woman in the room. When everyone is wearing black, you wear red, because you are different from other woman. That’s what sets you apart – your refusal to conform. You are daring and exhibit a slightly rebellious streak.

Even though your mark is “working,” (because every single social function is work), you can be sure he is surreptitiously scouting the terrain for future prospects. Casually, his ardent eye will scan the room, and you have a split second to catch it. Therefore you have to ensure you cannot be missed. The quickest way to draw a man’s eye to you? You know the answer already – flash some flesh and tease his imagination. Breast or thigh man? When in doubt, exhibit both. Then, when you are certain you have secured his attention, appear unimpressed with him.

A word of caution: Most seducers aren’t wealthy or resourceful. Since sirens aren’t interested in a man who passes the lunch cheque to them, no matter how dashing the scoundrel, most sirens will, after capturing his attention, chose to pass on him.

Hope you enjoyed that li’l teaser from Scarlett. That release date of Derailed again – 30 July 2015.

Stand by for more updates.

And finally, here’s one of Rival Murdoch’s favorite quotes:

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If you haven’t read The Other Woman – A betrayed wife collides with the other woman, already, read it quick. It’s been called “A riveting, hypnotic read”.  It has an overall five-star rating.

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