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The Whisper of Temptation – Now Available for Purchase on Amazon!

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My confused head goes to war with my equally confused heart.

Head: You’ve imagined it all. He isn’t the type to cheat on his wife with another woman. He loves his wife – he’s told you so, remember? You’ve read more into it than you should have.

Heart: But … but … we did kiss?

Head: The kiss was not something you both wanted. It was purely because of circumstances. You were forced to. He was forced to kiss you.

Heart: Forced? No, he wasn’t! He was tender and –

Head: FYI, you kissed once that night. One deep kiss that counts as a real kiss and only at the venue, not after that. All those little pecks, they mean nothing. Be smart about it now. 

Heart: Okay, sure, you’re right. But wait, what about the spooning?

Head: Well, there was only one bed and you both were tired. None of you wanted to sleep on the tiny chairs. Nothing significant about your spooning. You are making mountains of out molehills. Stop acting like a teenager, will you?  He’s asking you to stop, saying that he’s not that strong. Do as he asks. Make it easy for him to be a decent man.

Head: But he’s said that he loves her and he waited three years for her. He is strong. Why does he say he’s not strong?

Head: He’s talking temptation. You are a whisper of temptation in his ear, and he admits he, like most men, he’s vulnerable. You don’t want to be known as a cheat, a homewrecker, because that’s what it comes down to – he’s a married man, your friend’s husband. Your friend who is vulnerable and needy too. Both of them are vulnerable. Don’t take advantage of the situation.

Heart: I’m not, I’m not. It’s … all of it is just happening. It’s predictable even – he’s lonely, I’m lonely … But you’re right, I will stop. I never want to be the kind of woman who takes advantage of a situation. Never. No matter how much I want it.

Head: Good. Now you’re being sensible. You’ve always been sensible. That’s your strength, remember? Stay that way.

My head, scolding, scalding and sensible that it is, wins. My heart tucks in its tail, slinks away in a corner and licks its wounds.

Sensible. What a word. What a bland, boring, cautious word. Sensible.

Put that on my tombstone – She was known for always doing the right thing, for being … sensible.

Never let it be said that she was spontaneous, impulsive reckless and daring. Never let it be said that she followed her heart because … she dared to.


Eve Rabi is the author of 27 crime and suspense novels, three screenplays and more than half a dozen short stories.
Inspired by the likes of Sidney Sheldon and Gillian Flynn, her tales are bold, scandalous, controversial. They’re also peppered with romance and humor.
To quote an Amazon reviewer: “When you pick up an Eve Rabi book, forget sleep. She writes gripping page turners that will keep you reading till the very end.”
In her spare time, Eve likes to dance like no one is watching.
In fact, she also likes to eat like no one is watching.

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The Whisper of Temptation – Teaser 2 (Book 8 in the Girl on Fire Series)

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(NB: This is the second teaser in this book. The first was released on
06 June 2017. Please read that first)


You are never going to believe this, but guess what? Rival MacBitch has emailed me. Well, she emailed Clover, not me. Probably to defend her sister-in-law, Arena. Probably to blast me for my ‘harshness.’ Let’s see what the slut has to say, shall we?

From: Rival MacMillan
Sent: Friday, 4 June 2016, 11: 25 AM
To: Clover Callan
Subject: Rival and the Gang

Hello there, Clover. We all in Sydney were talking about you and Pastor Colin. Just wondering how you both were doing in your new home. Is everything okay? Where about are you? Are you settling in? Do you miss Sydney? Are you pining for the UK? Where are you guys located? So many questions, lol!
Keep in touch. Would love to hear from you.
Regards to Pastor Colin.

Rival (Smiley face)
PS: Would love to visit you sometimes.

 Well, well, well! What do you know? Arena hasn’t told Rival about my lambasting email? Isn’t that interesting?
The question is: why? Maybe they no longer speak due to some petty family squabble?Maybe they no longer speak due to some major, irreparable family feud that will span generations?
Maybe … Arena is so ashamed at my chastising and accusations, because they ring true, that she refuses to share my email with her sister-in-law? A girl can hope, now, can’t she?

Well, whatever the reason, Rival MacBitch has walked right into the lion’s den. This whacko stole my book and passed it off as her own, remember? It’s time for payback – watch me kill two angry birds with one stone – mow down this slag and stir up trouble between Arena and her. This is going to be interesting, let me tell you. You might want to mix yourself a pitcher of tea. I’m talking Long Island Iced Tea of course. (Generous helpings of tequilavodkalight rumtriple secgin, with a mere splash of Diet Coke. Every alcoholic has their own variant to this recipe, so feel free to stray from the norm and change the recipe to suit your alcoholism.) Go on, go fetch your tea; I’ll wait for you.

Ready? Let’s go girls!

From: Clover Callan <>
Sent: Friday 4 June, 5:26 PM
To: Rival MacMillan
Subject: Rival and the GangBangers

(Rival and the gangBangers! Mwahahaha!)

Dear Rival, funny you should write. My husband and I were just discussing you, when your email popped into my inbox. Yes, Pastor Colin and I have settled into our new home and we are very happy in it. Do I miss Sydney? No, I do not miss Sydney, neither am I pining for the UK. The moment we arrived here, we felt like we belonged. Moving away from Sydney was the best thing we could have done.
Keep in touch, you say? Well, that might pose a problem. Perhaps I should explain. You see, Rival, Pastor Colin and I have read one of your books. Finally. It was given to us by your sister-in-law, Arena. She begged us to read it, in the hopes that we saw what she saw – i.e. a sad soul in need of urgent help. She hoped that after reading your book, we would encourage and assist you to get the necessary help you so badly require.  

First, it was a struggle to get into your book, because of the dark, and almost taboo-like subject matter. Then, it was a struggle to finish it, because, let’s just say (please don’t take this the wrong way) the fractured writing style, coupled with what some people would call sick, deplorable and vitriolic ramblings (some people, not me, I understand that it was you expressing yourself in an ‘artistic’ manner), was a challenge, to say the least.
However, as I believe in finishing what I start, I soldiered on until I reached the end of your book.
My conclusion? Well, please forgive me if I come across as blunt, because there is no other way to say this, Rival – Pastor and I have discussed your book, and we have come to the conclusion that Arena was right – you must seek urgent professional help, Rival. See a therapist immediately, Rival, a psychiatrist at that. On an ongoing basis, too. We believe that your psychiatrist will be most interested in your bizarre and noir ‘art’. We suspect he may want to study both you and your ‘art’.

I urge you to be open, and forthcoming and expose that Jekyll and Hyde personality of yours, Rival. In order for him to really help you, drill deep down into your psyche, honesty on your part would be imperative. Your psychiatrist would have to see through that librarian, Laura Ashley exterior you present to those in your sphere of influence, and confront that desperate, derelict, crack-whore side of your personality surfacing in your ‘art.’

(How am I doing thus far? Good? Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying my slaughtering of Rival. Now, there’s more passive aggression in store for Rival, so keep sipping on that tea of yours. And remember, be like the British – crook that little finger of yours when you drink your tea. It’s classy. Ignore those who claim that sticking out your pinky is rude and connotes elitism. They’re just jealous of the British, because the pound is mightier than the dollar, trust me. That, and the fact that the British have Adele.)

Pastor Colin and I fear that your ‘art’ may have a negative impact on your family members – for example; how does Ritchie face his work colleagues, clients and friends after they have been exposed to, as Arena calls it, your ‘sordid art’?
Your children, Rival – how do they manage to keep their friends and remain socially active after the parents of said friends discover this dark side of you, their mother? Your children’s school teachers and tutors – how do they perceive your children now that they have been exposed to your ‘creative’ side’, Rival?
Pastor and I, together with Arena and Bear, genuinely worry (and pray) for your family, fearing that they, unbeknownst to you, are secretly embarrassed and ashamed of your writing. We worry that your family exists in a constant state of despair and humiliation over your published works.
Think about it; your daughters – little darlings that they are, they’re probably haunted by your public arrest over the murder of their beloved father. Throw, what some people may call your depraved ‘art’ (not me, I repeat, I understand that it is not depraved, but just you expressing yourself) into the mix, and what do they get? That’s right, several extra helpings of mortification.

As leaders in the church, and in our community, it might be best for all if we keep a certain distance from you. We have a reputation to maintain, our church has a reputation to maintain and it is imperative that we lead by example. Since you are judged by the company you keep, we simply cannot afford to be visited, or be seen visiting an ‘artist’ like yourself.

Please, if I come across as blunt and cruel, do not be angry at me, Rival, for I come from a place of love and spirituality. Why? Because I care deeply about you and your precious family, that’s why. Even your sister-in-law, Arena – I can very well understand if you perceive her as meddling, jealous and a backstabber. If you decide to sever all ties with her because you feel betrayed by her seemingly underhanded actions. However, Rival, I must point out that I for one, believe that Arena has nothing but immense love for you and your family. She just cares, that’s all. Perhaps a little too much, but she too comes from a place of love.

Pastor Colin and I, together with Arena and her husband, will be praying for you and your family, Rival. Even though we will cease all contact with you, you will be forever in our thoughts.

Love to your husband and wonderful children.


Clover Callan (Smiley face)

How did I do? Fantastic, you say? But of course!
You can be assured, Rival will be fuming when she reads this email. She will be confused with my accusations and she may discuss it with Ritchie. He may be equally confused, then declare that his sister is nothing like that. He may accuse me, or Clover Callan of making trouble between the two families. Rival may agree with her husband. He may suggest they have a chat with Arena and Bear about it, clear the air – “That’s always the best way to handle this type of conflict,” he may say. Rival may agree.
They may all end up seated at a table and duke it out over husband-sized helpings of Boboti and curry. Over whisky and wine and white port, they may reiterate how much they all love each other and how they have each other’s back. Bear might remind Rival that Arena helped her when she escaped the lunatic asylum (well, not escaped, but let’s pretend she did for impact purposes) Rival will nod and express that she will be forever grateful to Arena for being there when no one else was. Arena and Rival might shed a few tears and hug it out.

Yes, they may eventually accept each other’s explanation/ apologies, have more drinks, bear-hug the fuck out of each other during their drunken goodbyes, and take turns expressing how glad they are to clear that air.
However, those birdseeds of doubt … they have been sown into Rival’s hardly-used brain by Clover Callan. Long after the vino and port has expired from her system, Rival will stare at the ceiling in the dark and mull over the email. Soon, doubts will fester in her mind and she will find herself being cautious and guarded around her sister-in-law. (What if Clover Callan was telling the truth? What if Arena really is two-faced and underhanded, a backstabber who is out to sabotage me? After all, Arena was always quick to talk about my success as an author to everyone we meet. Was it all just a show? A ruse to set me up for failure? Was Arena in fact quietly jealous of me? I’m so confused.)
Well, that’s what I believe will happen once she receives my scathing and contemptuous email. Well, not mine, but Clover Callan’s. One thing you can be certain off; the relationship between Clover and Rival is … history!
Cool, huh?
Well, I expect a lengthy email in return from her.
How’s that tea going? Still brewing? Good.


Rival MacBitch has replied. Let’s check out her response, shall we? Should be interesting. Got your tea? A pitcher of it? Good.

From: Rival MacMillan
Sent: Friday, 5 June 2016, 06:03 AM
To: Clover Callan
Subject: Rival and the gangbangers

Congratulations, Clover! You are right; my book was written by a depraved, lost soul who was not fortunate enough to experience lasting love and contentment. She lived her whole life marinating in disappointment and coveting what others had. You know what, Clover? She reminds me so much of you.
Take care.
Rival and the gangbangers (Smiley face)

That’s it? You cannot be serious. And here I have this giant pitcher of tea in anticipation of her lengthy email. Oh, well, best not to let good tea to go to waste. Hold on a minute while I take a sip. That was delicious and refreshing.
Anyway, don’t worry, from now onward, whenever Arena mentions Rival’s success as an author, Rival will stiffen and listen carefully to her words. Then, she will post-mortem all that Arena has said, screening her own words for underlying hostility, jealously and ambiguity.
Arena will sense that, and soon, she will no longer mention Rival’s success as an author. Rival will have a problem with that too – why has Arena stopped talking about my success as an author? Is she no longer proud of me? Is she talking behind my back?

The tension between these women will have a ripple effect. Bear and Ritchie, they work together, remember? Friction will form between the two husbands. Irritability and anger will lurk beneath the surface, ready to rear their ugly heads. The men will snap and argue over trivial things, and soon, work will be as unpleasant and tense home. All because of the suspicion and doubt engineered by Clover Callan.
Nothing will be the same, because of …? That’s right, moi!
A round of applause, please!




Beautiful blonde girl on beach, summertime

Release Date: 01 July 2017



0641 (2)

My editor, Missy (short for ‘Mistake’), taking a power nap between programs 🙂


Facebook sabotage 4 7 april 16 3

“Lock out your husband, put out your pets, order take-out for dinner even, because once you start reading this book, you won’t want to be interrupted, trust me.” Amazon reviewer


A mild-mannered wife awakes one day to find that she has been replaced by a cunning seductress.
Helplessly, she watches the other woman help herself to her husband, her children and her life.
Then one day, she snaps. With nothing to lose, she sets out to destroy the other woman and win back her family.
Her techniques are dirty and underhanded, causing untold misery to her nemeses, rocking the foundations of her ex-husband’s new marriage.
Trouble is, the other woman does not believe in losing and has no intention of backing down. The wife and mistress collide, and mayhem and murder follow.


If you’ve enjoyed Gone Girl, HBO’s The Affair, Fatal Attraction and Big Little Lies, you will enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed thriller about revenge and retribution.


A #RomanticCrime #RomanticSuspense novel about #love #lust and #revenge. Big revenge. Huge!

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Amazon Aus:



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The Whisper of Temptation -Teaser 1

Beautiful blonde girl on beach, summertime

Book 8 in The Girl on Fire Series coming soon!


Teaser 1

Well, well, well! Look what we have here. An email from Arena Shaw to Clover. Remember Arena, the uptight, holier-than-thou bitch who turned down my friendship because of her loyalty to her sister-in-law, Rival MacBitch? The Arena Shaw who spent time in prison because of child neglect? (Arena ShawShank Redemption.) That Arena. I can’t wait to read what she has to say to Clover. It’s like I’m spying on them – delicious! If this is how it feels to be a peeping tom, then I can understand why some of those sickos are prepared to go to jail for peeping. It’s quite a thrill. Anyway, let’s see what Arena ShawShank has to say, shall we?

From: Arena Shaw <>
Sent: Friday 30/06/16, 10:58 AM
To: Clover Callan <
Subject: Hi from Arena Shaw

Hi, Clover. (Smiley face) It’s been awhile since we chatted. I’ve texted you several times, but I got no reply. When I called your number, I got a disconnected message. Now I’m really concerned. Are you okay, Clover? Is Pastor Colin okay? How is your new home? Did the move go smoothly? Was the trip okay? Made any new friends? If you did, that’s just great, but please don’t forget your friends in Sydney. (Smiley face) Let us know that you’re okay, and please, keep in touch. You and Pastor Colin are always in our thoughts. (Smiley face)
Arena (Smiley face)

Four smiley faces in one paragraph. Mm. So ShawShank wants Clover to keep in touch and continue their friendship? Well, I’ve got news for her – that’s not going to happen. Now, watch how Clover reduces this snooty bitch in the sweetest of ways. Well, maybe not in the sweetest of ways, but … it’s going to be entertaining, trust me.

From: Clover Callan <>
Sent: Friday, 30/06/16 11:55 AM.
To: Arena Shaw <>
 Hi from Arena ShawShawShank

Dear Arena ShawShank,

My move went really well. Pastor Colin is well, very happy, and loving our new home. We’ve made some great friends here. Classy, sincere, responsible folk who display the kind of values we appreciate – among others, integrity, decency and honesty, qualities we’ve failed to find in Sydney. Alas!
I have changed my phone number, hence you weren’t able to reach me. Deliberately.
I will explain why. There is no easy way to say this, Arena, and since I am a busy person with important things to do, I’m going to just blurt it out. Pastor Colin and I have decided to terminate our friendship with you. You have heard right, Arena – we are simply unable to continue being friends with you and Bear and wish to sever all ties with you.
You see, after we heard about your baby, and how you abandoned her in a boiling car, causing her to die a slow, painful and torturous death, we were utterly appalled and seriously sickened.
How can you expect us to be friends with a murderer? A murdering mother, at that?
How anyone can do that to a child, let alone its own mother, is simply beyond us.
How a negligent, heartless mother can be allowed to keep her other children, and even be allowed to give birth to a third child, leaves us baffled. Leaves us questioning the system – why isn’t it protecting children from the likes of you?

With regards to WIN; it is highly disconcerting to know that you run an organization like this, Arena. To my husband and me, and just about everyone else (yes, people around talk about you all the time, and I’m sorry to say, it’s not in a flattering way), it is quite evident you are merely running this kind of charity organization as a ruse, to distract from the heinous crime you have committed (like the way Angelina adopted all those colourful children to distract from the fact that Brad was married when they began their affair). Some say it’s guilt that causes you to display an altruistic persona, while others vehemently disagree. They argue that sociopaths do not experience guilt. These discussions and debates, Arena, let me tell you, although distressing, are somewhat lively and interesting. Entertaining even. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not implying that they laugh about you. No, they are most concerned about your poor children.
So, as you can imagine, being friends and keeping in touch with you, is not a possibility, now or in the future.
Please do not regard this email as an attack on your persona. I am merely being honest and upfront. I would be failing in my duties as a pastor’s wife if I wasn’t.
We wish your remaining children the best of luck, as we are sure they are going to need every bit of luck with you as a mother and a role model.

Clover Callan (Smiley face) 

How did I do? Good? Of course. Take my word for it; Arena is going to be gutted by this scathing and accusing email. Let’s wait and see what her response is, shall we?

From: Arena Shaw <>
Sent: Saturday, 2/07/16, 5:05 AM
To: Clover Callan <>
Subject: Judge not, lest you be judged’

Since we are being honest and upfront, Clover, I will say, I am gobsmacked by your lack of understanding, and stupefied by your harshness. I am no Christian, but I understand that the Bible, whose principals you profess to live by, being the devout Christian you portray, clearly cautions about judging. You should look up that scripture sometimes, perhaps you have missed it?
Sadly, you have changed, Clover. It’s almost like I am speaking to another person, someone embittered by loss and disappointment. Someone hostile, and seething with resent. An unfulfilled, hollow soul, angry at the world and thirsting for vengeance. It’s all so confusing to me, the change in your personality and the blatant accusations when you know so little about me. However, adhering to another Biblical scripture – “Don’t give what is holy to the dogs, nor throw your pearls before swine,” I chose not to explain myself, not to spend any more time on this subject and will end this conversation here.
I wish your new-found friends the best of luck, as I believe from first-hand experience, they are going to need it in a little while.
PS: ShawShank? I don’t get it.

Mm. Let me count the smiley faces. Nada. Not a single one. Four paragraphs and not a single smiley face. Mm.
I expected a lengthy lament in response, an essay of heartfelt explanations, but, I all I got is a brief and dismissive email alluding to me being a dog. A bitch. Woof.
Well, I take comfort in the fact that my words have sliced through that hardened heart of hers, slashed at her self-confidence and had her scouring her Bible, which is the internet, of course, for Biblical verses to fire back. She may act cool and unperturbed, but make no mistake, my words, especially, ‘yes, people around talk about you all the time, and I’m sorry to say, it’s not in a flattering way,’ will cause her to regard peers, family and friends with quiet and not so quiet distrust. They will cause her sleepless night and pursed lips.
Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at the time she fired back. 5:05 AM. That’s right, she’s at her laptop in the middle of winter, on a Saturday morning, emailing me at such a dank hour. ShawShank has probably not got her eight hours of beauty sleep last night. Expect her mood to be similar to that of this winter’s day – grey, cloudy and with the threat of tears.
Poor Arena ShawShank – not only have I abruptly ended her friendship with the dreary Clover Callan, I have stirred up painful memories that she has probably stowed away in the attic of her mind, with absolutely no intention of revisiting and reliving. I have robbed her of her peace of mind and, and she will never know who to trust again. All through one vengeful email. Can I get an amen!?

Cassie and the Whisper of Temptation

The Other Woman, a scandalous read about love, lust and revenge!
Click on the link below to read it:

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