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THE OTHER WOMAN – A book by Eve Rabi


cover the other woman brown and whiteTwo Woman, one shrewd and resourceful, the other quietly determined. Who will win?

If Rival didn’t want to lose Bradley to me, she should have tried harder to be a better wife.
She could have started off by losing weight. I mean, she was married to a handsome and charismatic man who was going to be Australia’s next Prime Minister, and she was a size twelve! Twelve, I tell you. That’s a whopping size forty-two in Italy and a giant eight in the U.S! A body for a Dove commercial.
How dare she? How dare she have the audacity to value bread and pasta and rice and noodles and potatoes and chocolate mousse over someone like Bradley Murdoch?
I mean, look at Posh – she’s a size zero. Why? Because she appreciates David. She does not in any way jeopardize her position as Almost Royalty.
And Angelina, clearly she forgoes carbs because those hip bones, they could put out Brad’s eyes, let me tell you. These women, they sacrifice to keep their men, to keep away predators like me and that’s how it ought to be.
I’m a size six, by the way. That would make me a four in the U.S., a five in Japan, a two in Canada, a four in the UK and a mere thirty-two in Italy, making me an extra-small, everywhere in the world, get it? It’s important that you do, because I work hard at my centerfold figure and I do believe I deserve recognition for it.
What? You don’t think so?
Well, then …fuck you! Like I care what you think.
Kidding, kidding! You should see your face. Of course I care what you think, honey. Your opinion is really important to me. (Smiley face.)

A frenemy. That’s what Scarlett was. An enemy in soft, virgin lamb’s wool. Imagine, I thought she was my friend and allowed her into my home, I confided in her about my husband’s withdrawal from me, his unexplained absences, my thoughts about having him secretly investigated, when all along, she was sleeping with my husband.
Classic, I know, stupid even on my part, but Scarlett is such a fabulous actress, such a seasoned liar, she fooled me and my gut. I’m ashamed to say, never once did I suspect her of being behind my heartache.
She became my friend just to get close to Bradley. After winning him over, she had me locked away and then she helped herself to everything I had – my husband, my kids, my home, my friends, my life. Stole everything away from me.
A staggering betrayal which has left me a paranoid, distrustful and constantly second-guessing myself.
People say, ‘Move on’, ‘Forget about him’, “Find someone who appreciates you for who you are”, “The best revenge is to live well”. I agree with them. Totally.
But tell me how to move on when I am struggling with the unfairness of the situation.
In my mind, a crime against me has been committed and they should pay.
She and Bradley must compensate me for my loss, for robbing me of all that’s precious to me, for being so blissfully happy after their heist, for encouraging my daughters to call her ‘Young Mummy,’ for living a glamorous, spectacular life, while I slowly recover from the blindsiding and try to shake off this heavy shroud of anger and bitterness.
These woman who steal husbands, destroy families and shatter dreams, why isn’t society doing something about it? Why are we allowing them to live happily ever after?
It not fair and I want to fight back. I’m determined to.
But Scarlett is clearly not someone you want to mess with. Yet, I have to.
The question is …how?
The Other Woman
Eve Rabi


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