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cover deception small 9 feb 2016



Conversation with Eve’s Beta Reader:

“Dear Eve

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful and offer you more criticism on this book. To me it was just perfect. Beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise I must admit. I thought it was going to be a story about royalty, something that doesn’t interest me. Was I surprised.
It was more a fairy tale. Something between the Ugly Duckling and Rumpelstiltskin. But with a lot more drama, sex and suspense. I simply loved it. Cried and laughed. As usual.
I loved Henna, fell in love with Rusty and despised the queen with a vengeance! Lol! Couldn’t stop reading. As usual. Had to know what happened next.
I’m amazed that you are so diverse in your writing and genres. Kudos to you, Eve. ūüôā
I’m now onto My Brother My Rival and loving it, I have to tell you. So don’t do anything else, but just keep writing. I am looking forward to more of your books.
PS:The only thing I would recommend is a change of cover. It’s …ugly. Lol. Boring. Sorry to be brutal, but you asked me to be. :)”
 Other Boleyn Girl
“Hi Jean.
Thanks for your feedback. So glad you loved the book. That is the main thing.
I cried with Henna too. In fact, with all my re-writes and drafts on this book, I’m either in tears or laughing.
Rumpelstiltskin? Mm. Never thought about the angle. You’ve made me think, so I’m going to do some tweaking to the story.
You hate my cover? I’m devastated, shattered. I will have to eat a whole pizza and drink a bottle of wine to recover from your feedback on the cover ūüôā
Seriously, I will change it right away.
Will send you the new cover as soon as I receive it. Let me know what your thoughts on it.
Thanks again for your awesome feedback and help. Much appreciated.
Eve “


Henna had no right to be princess. She was totally unsuitable for that title, I tell you. Everyone would tell you that. Even Zaman,the cowheard, he said the same thing.

That day at the hall, when Queen Karisma called her out, we all held our breath. We really thought Henna was done for. What a shock it was to discover that Henna was chosen as a bride for Crown Prince Vijay.

Yes, I admit, I was depressed and yes, I really wanted to throw myself off a tall building. If I could find one where we lived. I also wanted to poison myself but my mother had no more rat poison, so I had to wait until she bought more.

Of course I was jealous of Henna”s wonderful life. Who would be of someone living in the palace and having anything you want, having all those wonderful clothes and that beautiful room and those ladies-in-waiting?

Henna was a very lucky girl, but she never appreciated what she had. She was a bit stupid.cover more than deception book 2 10 feb 2016


Henna was very pretty. She had a nice laugh. She hit a big boy when the big boy tried to take away my sling. Thank you.

BAROOD (Price Vijay’s advisor)


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  1. I read payback , but all the other books in not free WHYYYYYY??????????

    • I think it was meant to be an introduction, to the series! remember Eve has to make a living like any other author and the other books in the series are worth the few pounds! I have read book which are more expensive and know where as it good as the cross fire series. I belive you will score her books a high mark. She’s very good, an amazing writer.

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