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The Whisper of TEMPTATION – Book 8 in the Girl on Fire Series

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Remember: hearing is thought to be the last sense to
go in the dying process, so never assume the person
unable to hear you. Talk as if they can hear you,|even if
they appear to 
be unconscious or restless.” (Unknown) 

 Fingers press firmly but gently against my wrist. “Well, I have a pulse. Feeble, but it’s there.”
“Whew! That’s a relief, doc. Whew!”
“So … what happened here, Davo?”
“Know my sister Liz, doc?”
“Yeah, yeah…?”
“Well, she’s got this boy, Johno, big as an ox, strong too, but he’s like, not all there in the head. Bit of a weirdo. Doesn’t leave the house much. But at night, he goes walkabout with this metal detector thing, combs the place for treasure.”
“Combing this place for treasure?” Chuckles. “Right!”
“Yeah, well, he does. Anyway, he tells Liz, ‘Mum, I got me a new pet.’ Liz goes to check it out, comes out screaming, ‘She’s dead! She’s dead!’ Screams for me. Asks me to get rid of the body. The corpse. Okay, I think, I gotta do something here. But when I see this … this … this thing – shit doc, she looks like she was from a horror movie. Covered in…I dunno – dirt and blood. Even her hair, blood and dirt, her mouth – blood and dirt. So, I check her pulse, I dunno why, but I check it, and I feel something. Faint, but it’s there. I’m gobsmacked. What do I do? Can’t call the cops – the boy will be arrested. So, I heard that you used to be a doctor a long time ago and all that. That’s why I called you, hoping you can, like help us with her. But we gotta keep this quiet? You know what I mean?”
“Mm. She needs a hospital, though. She’s probably not going to survive, Davo. The boy’s done a good job on her, alright.”
“Yeah … I was hoping you can fix her up here. There’ll be too many questions if we take her to the hospital. Know what I mean?”
“Mm. But … what is she doing around here?”
“Dunno. Reckon she some sort of backpacker. Some foreigner. Exploring, got drunk, got lost …”
“You find any ID on her?”
“Nah, nothing. Just her. No bags, no camera, no nothing. Liz think she’s from some boat. Some illegal. Refugee. The place is crawling with boat people.”
“Reckon we can fix her?”
“Gotta take a proper look, Davo.” I get a whiff of stale beer on my face. “How long has she been here?”
“Not sure, doc. Liz discovered her this morning and I called you right away.”
“Pretty banged up, she is. Looks like Johno tried to slit her throat.”
“Shit! Bloody boy is nuts. Should be in the madhouse. I warned my sister about him, but she don’t never listen. Now look what’s happened.”
“Mm. Got a good few blows to the head too. Must have used a knife or something.”
“Shit! Shit! Shit! That kid …man…”
“Yeah …”
There is a long silence as the hand probes my body, causing me to wince from the pain.
“So … what you think?
Another silence before the man with the beer breath speaks. “Davo, I’ll do my best for … what do you call her again?”
“Love.” A short chuckle.
“Yep, that’s what Johno named her. Named his pet, doc. His pet.”
A short chuckle from the man with the beer breath. “It’s going to take a while to fix her. Plenty stitches all around, shave her head…”
“Truth be told, she’s probably not going to make it.”
“Yes. All you can do is make her comfortable, do what you can and hope for the best in cases like these.”
“Yep. I’ll do my best, though. Can’t guarantee anything. You understand?”
“Yeah, sure I understand. Sure.”
“Gotta any grog? This sure is thirsty work.”
“Yeah. Been brewing heaps of it.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Oh yeah. Heaps, doc!”
“Good. Run along and fetch me some, then.”
A short while later, I get a fresh blast of booze on my face, before something sharp pieces into me,  again and again. I scream in agony, yet not a sound escapes my lips. Why?
“She’s moving. Hold onto her, Davo. Gotta stitch her up.”
“Okay, got it, doc.” My arms are held down tightly as the piercing continues.
The pain is so intense, I drift in and out of consciousness. The thing that remains throughout this ordeal is my hearing. I hear every word they say.
“See what your boy’s done, Liz?”
“She’s got no business being here in the first place, Davo. No business at all.” The woman’s voice is mature and nervous. “This is private property. She got no business being here, unless … she wanted to steal something and –”
“Steal something? Here? Like what, Liz, what? Look ’round you. This place is a dump. Nothing to steal here. Nothing.”
“Well …”
“Bottom line, Liz – the boy, he’s dangerous. He tried to kill her, then he brought the body here to like, finish her off. Slice her up and who know – maybe eat her.”
“Aw, shaddup, Davo. Johno’s not going to eat her up.”
“Liz, I’m telling ya over and over again – your boy, you gotta get him some help, man.”
“You did that Johno? You tried to kill the girl? Huh? You did what Davo say you do?”
“No, mum, I find her like that,” another voice says. A younger voice, more like that of a boy. “I find her in the dark, mum. Her phone, it make ring! Ring! and I hear it, mum. I put my metal detector on the ground and it go beep! Beep! Beep! I hear it mum.”
“That’s a lie, boy! She doesn’t have a phone. Where’s the phone? Huh?”
“See?  There’s no phone, boy. You killed—”
“Shh! Davo, I’ll handle him, okay? I know my boy – he’s harmless. Wouldn’t even kill a cockroach.”
“Oh, please!”
“He’s my boy and I will handle him, not you. Johno, I need you to tell me the truth, son, did you hurt this … this …?”
“Her name is Love, Mum. She my pet. Where’s her hair, mum? What you do with all her hair?”
“I’m telling ya, Liz; better do something or they are going to lock him up forever.”
“Johno, son, listen to me, you have to be honest with me, tell me everything, the truth, now, okay?”
“Okay, Johno?”
“I hear her phone mum. I dig and dig and dig and I find them.”
“Yeah, mum.”
“Two women? Did you find two women?”
“Nah. Love and a man, mum.”
“A man? Where’s the man now, son?”
“He crawl away mum. He’s gone in the dark. He’s scary, mum. But Love, she not scary, so I bring her here. I wash her face, mum. Look.”
“He killed the man, Liz. He killed him and he’s lying about taking care of Love.”
“Is true. I take care of my pet. I feed it water and I give it a blanket. Keep it warm. And sometimes I sing happy birthday to it.”
I hear a long sigh.
“Okay, okay. I’ll take him in tomorrow. In the meantime, just see what the doc can do for her. If she dies while I’m gone, bury her on the hill and put some leaves over her grave.”
“Fine. Just take him away before you we all end up in jail because of him.”|
“Yeah, yeah. And keep the shotgun close. That man who crawled out of the grave, he might come back looking for Love. Don’t know what’s gonna happen then.”

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