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A Tale of Lies and Infidelity


“I shut up and let her speak. She needs to get this out of her system, then we can move on. I got it; I will be patient.
“When you were nineteen, twenty…and you thought about your future Gabriel; where did you think you’d be at the age of thirty five, huh? I know what I thought – I thought I’d be married, with…with children, a dog, a nice house…I didn’t think I’d be married, but fucking some strange guy in a hotel room, while my husband and kids were at home, keeping the fires burning and waiting for me, you sonovabitch!”
“Keep your voice down, will you?” I whispered. “The kids…”
“I was living my dream and I was HAPPY with that!” she continued. “Why weren’t you? Or did you plan to get stuck at age nineteen, you FUCKING JUVENILE?”
“No,” I protested feebly, “I was happy…”
“No you weren’t. No you weren’t, or … you’d have said ‘No!’ You’d have said, ‘There a…there’s a lady at home who gave up a lucrative career as a medical technologist and who got fat and frumpy having my beautiful babies, while I was off, traipsing around the world, becoming the hot-shot attorney I am. She keeps it together, by juggling like a fucking…fucking…whatever, so that when I come home, I look around, see the fruits of my success and say, ‘Hey, guess what world? I’m a success story. Look at me ya’ll – I have it all!’”
Everything she said was true. I had it all – the house, the pretty wife, the adorable kids, the million-dollar home. What more could I want?”

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Reviews from Readers:
“In this book, I laughed out loud, and found myself changing my mind about some of the characters as the book progressed. I also enjoyed how flawed these characters were. Gabriel was very self-centred and had the maturity level of a 14-year old. Again, very believable. About this book, I highly recommend it. Awesome book! You will enjoy it from start to finish.”

“The relationship between the characters are so touching and so real that at times I found myself wanting to reach out and hug them. This is a great read. I loved it!I highly recommend.”

“Another great book!!! Your writing is awesome it keeps me interested. Thanks so much.”

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WARNING: This book contains graphic sex scenes, sexual references, graphic language, drug reference, strong violence and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


To read the full story, please click on link below:

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