My Sworn Enemy, My Secret Lover  

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Sworn Enemies, Secret Lovers, Romantic Crime Fiction Books

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“I’m ashamed of my need to be held – guess it’s been a while. Nothing sexual, just warmth, affection and tenderness, which I crave right now. It’s coming from the father of my baby; how wrong can that be?
Minutes go by and I find myself lying in his arms, my back to his accommodating chest. I bask in his masculine scent – the faint whiff of tobacco mingled with a musky but familiar aftershave – comforting.
As our breathing synchronizes, his hand slowly slides to my belly. ‘This is a miracle, a gift to us,’ he whispers. ‘Forget the circumstances, it’s still a miracle. I need you to love my baby. It means everything to me.’
I nod several times and place my hand over his. He shuffles his strong hand over mine so that our fingers entwine. Snug in a tender but illicit embrace, we drift off to sleep.
When I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself in Reed’s arm, reality bites. I’m married to a US Police Commissioner; he’s part of an Islamic militant group – what the fuck am I doing?
Slowly, to avoid waking him, I ease out of his arms. Sitting a distance away from him, I watch the rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps.
Reed stirs, opens his eyes and looks at me. He doesn’t say anything; he just holds my gaze. Then, he opens his arms to me.
I stare at his opened arms and will myself to shake my head from side-to-side, to say something like, “No thanks, we shouldn’t be doing this. You just caught me at a weak moment. I’m okay. Really, I am.” Smile to show I’m okay.
I do nothing of that sort – I just melt into his arms.
The way he holds me, the way he buries his face in my hair, the contented sigh he gives as he hugs me close, tells me he needs this as much as I do. We fall asleep almost immediately.”

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Reviews from readers:


“Ms. Rabi, yet again, does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. You will hurt with Megan, you will love Angel-Man, you fill fear Omar, you will adore Leanne and despise Darla. There is plenty of action, realistic scenarios, lust and love from beginning 2to end.

“Yep, yet again, I was too engrossed to stop reading that I managed to stay up telling myself “just one more chapter” before bed. 2 hours sleep before work isn’t really substantial but it was worth it”

“…. original story, hot love scenes. The love story of Megan and Reed will keep you hooked. Love their banter and how it develops into forbidden romance”


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(Click on image to download this romantic thriller)

A two-part series. Both books are available on Amazon.

To read more, please click on link below:


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  1. My second read and again I couldn’t put it down! I was even in tears at one point! You really know how to grip a reader Eve xx

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