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“OMG!!! Yet another amazing book by Eve. From the moment you start reading, you are gripped. I have recommended Eve to friends and family.” Smashwords reviewer

“I just finished the book. All I have to say is, HOLY SHIT, EVE! You wrote a killer story that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps it.” Smashwords Reviewer

“OMG Eve! You are absolutely BRILLIANT! I never saw that ending coming!” Smashwords Reviewer

“Forget those well manicured nails. Eve Rabi’s latest book Lead me into Temptation will have you nibbling on your delicate French tips from start to finish. Brilliant!” Smashwords Reviewer

“Wow! I loved this story! My suggestion, do what I did: find a quiet hiding spot, turn off your phone and escape into Scarlet’s world for a few hours. I promise you will not be disappointed.” Smashwords Reviewer

“Be warned: if you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down
until it’s over…then you feel a bit disappointed because you want more.” Smashwords Reviewer

“Prepare to sacrifice several hours of sleep and walk around with panda eyes because that’s what happened to me. But hey the adrenaline rush from this fast paced and exciting story was so worth it.” Smashwords Reviewer






This is not a stand-alone book, so make sure you have read The Other Woman first – A betrayed wife collides with the other woman (Romantic crime and suspense).

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The Other Woman





















“Wow! People are going to have to clear the schedules for this one, Eve. It’s a winner for sure! I’ve never read anything like this before. Where the hell do you get your ideas from? Never mind, just keep ’em coming.” Smashwords reviewer


Eve Rabi’s 27th romantic crime & Suspense

thriller coming late November 2016!



              AUTHOR EVE RABI 

Thank you to, the lovely Caroline and Tina, who are always so polite, friendly and gracious for nominating me for the Liebster award where I collect $1million just for being nominated. (Sincere apologies for the delay, but I was busy celebrating my birthday.)


Here are the answers to the questions and some info about me.

Q: What inspired you to begin a blog?
A: I became an author and it was a way to reach my millions of fans. Okay fine, my five fans.

 Q: What is your favorite book genre?

A: Kick-ass heroines, who also cry easily, like chocolate more than celery sticks, aren’t afraid to use the ‘F’ word and hate housework. Is that a genre? Well, it should be! 

Q: What is your favorite place in the world?

A: My hometown, Cape Town, South Africa, where you find the bluest of skies, beaches with crystal waters and the whitest of sands. Oh, and amazing wineries. (Getting tearful thinking about it. Cape Town, that is, not the wineries. Well the wineries too.)

Q: If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?

A: A cat of course. They do absolutely nothing but subtly remind us that Egyptians used to once worship them. Sometimes not so subtly.

 Q: What animal scares you the most?

Q: Spiders. Whachu mean it isn’t an animal? It should be. Walking into its web can bring out some amazing karate chops from you even though you’ve never done martial arts before.   

 Q: Which musical instrument would you like to play?

Q: Drums. But I would be mindful of the noise, so I would only play it when everyone is asleep.  

Q: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

A: Oh, that’s easy – Lord of the Rings. So loved Jason Momoa in it. Whachu mean he didn’t act in it? He should have. He’s groovy baby.

 Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Eve Rabi. What an author.  I just love her work. She is amazing. She makes me laugh so hard, tears run down my legs.  Whachu mean I can’t nominate myself?

 Q: What is your favorite meal?

A: a chocolate hamburger. Whaaaaat? Like it’s a bad thing.

 Q: If you could be in a TV / film comedy character of your choice, who would you be?

A: Someone from the Simpsons. They are all funny and unrestrained. Love that about the show.

 Q: If you were to write a book, what genre would it be?

A: Kick-ass heroines, who also cry easily, like chocolate more than celery sticks, aren’t afraid to use the ‘F’ word and absolutely hate housework. Is that a genre? Well, it should be! (But I have already published 17 books.)


  1. I’m into music in a huge way. Got over twelve thousand songs on my iPhone all downloaded illegally, so please …shhhh! My taste in music varies – it’s the song, not the genre.
  2. I sucked at math and still do. Can’t count for shit, so luckily I have fingers and toes that come to the rescue.
  3.  I like my men tall, dark, sweet and strong, like my coffee. Doesn’t matter if they’re thick as wood, they must just shaddup and flex those muscles on demand. Disrespectful? Me? Lemme think…yeah, you’re right 🙂
  4. Love Chelsea Handler, Sandra Bullock, Betty white, Joan Rivers and Sasha Baron Cohen.
  5. Used to be a registered nurse many moons ago, so I am nurturing by nature, a softie. I used to cry when patients died. It was embarrassing to be in full uniform and have tears running down your cheeks. All the medical staff used to laugh at me behind my back. And sometimes in front of my back too. They only stopped when I threatened to roofie them and take photos.
  6. Also owned and ran a glossy magazine on Sydney’s North Shore where I wrote articles for the mag among other things. I got lots of fan mail so I decided to write a book. I ignored the death threats.
  7. I have two lovely daughters, Raine and Skye, a dog who failed obedience school (A Pomeranian called little Bow Wow) and a cat who eats all the time.
  8. I am currently dating all the men in my books cos I like them all. Whaaat?! Like it’s a bad thing.
  9. I live in Sydney Australia and am a full-time writer. I’m about to publish my 18th book. When I was growing up, I was an avaricious reader, Sydney Sheldon John Grisham, Harold Robbins. Valley of the Dolls was my best book ever. If I had to choose between a hot guy and a hot book, the book would win. Monday to Thursday, that is.
  10. Obsessed With Me, is my biggest seller at the moment. It has outsold Gringa in the first 5 days of being published and danced in Amazon’s top 100! I am absolutely thrilled with the results and I now sit by my phone waiting for Spielberg to call. Or Tarrantino, I’m not fussy. I wanted to thank the book Gods for smiling down on me and like, wanted to sacrifice my firstborn, but she flat refused to get me a kitchen knife and lie on the table. So …
  11. Never say “Can’t be done” to me. I will prove you wrong. (Except when my nail polish is wet, then you got me.)
  12. I’m an ex make-up artist and a fashion whore. (Yes, you can call me whore when you use the word fashion next to it. Okay, fine, you can call me whore anytime. Happy now?

And that, folks is my ABC. Well some of it anyway.

Okay, so can I have my $1 million dollar in $5 notes please?

Regret, Sorry, I dont accept IOUs

I’m every woman, it’s all in me ….


It’s was my daughter’s birthday yesterday, so I decided to bake her a cake. Maybe I was sleep-deprived or something, I decided to bake it …from scratch. Yeah, you heard right – all my bloody deadlines but still…

Excited at the prospect of being able to boast that I could make something from scratch (other than write novels) I switched on my Nigella and hit YouTube with essentials like pen,

paper and a glass of chardonnay. (For courage – hadn’t made anything from scratch for donkey’s ears years.)

As I watched my computer screen, I was shocked to discover that the beautiful and mesmerizing Nigella takes an alarming number of short cuts. She’s now into ‘assembling’ food. (Not alarming to me – I’m all for short cuts. Except when it comes to birth control. Know what I mean?)

So, who am I to argue – I stopped my ‘scratching’, had another glass of courage and zoomed into plan E.

The result is the photo you see.

I’m so proud, I’ve showed it to everyone I know. And everyone I don’t know. It’s like a I’m Capable badge. Haven’t felt this proud since I learned how to  pirate music on the internet operate my iron.

But hey, shortcut or no shortcut, I’m still every woman inside of meeeee,

anything you want done babyyyy, I’ll do it naturalllllllly,

cos I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it, got it, baby, ’cause…

(Naturally? No fucking way.)

PS: My daughter thinks I’m amazing to have made the M&Ms, the Kit Kat, the gold coins and the candles. I left it at that so as to avoid confusing her. Let her therapist deal with it when she grows up:)

A LAPTOP FOR $20.00 AND A SHORT INTENTION SPAN. (Will only make sense if you’ve read Gringa or if you’ve been partying for more than a week with Robert Downey Junior)



 Interview With Rosa (58) and Maria (61) on Life In the US:

 Maria: “Life is really good, I cannot complain. I now get a cell phone so I can talk with my granddaughter, Isabella. You know her? She very pretty and she very smart too. She marry Troy, the boy with the baseball cap hat?  He don’t drugs no more. He good boy now.”

Interviewer: “Yes, I do know Isabella. In fact, I’ve met her. She is indeed pretty and smart.”

Rosa: “I have a no family for myself, Senor, but I have a cousin Sylvia. She have a lot of girls working for her. And she geta lotta visitors for the girls. She very rich – she got iPhone, she got  gym membership and she got …?”

Maria: “This is America – everybody here got iPhone and gym membership.  That does not mean your cousin Sylvia is rich. Now if you got laptop, then you are rich.”

Rosa: “What?! Laptop is cheap, Maria. I hear you go Vegas you get laptop for $20.00.”

Maria: (Swivels to look at Rosa.) “That true? Then you and I must go Vegas and we get our own laptops for $20.00.”

Rosa: “Is a very good idea. Now Gringa, she got a laptop. But when she work on Spacebook, Diablo, eh, Diago, he watch over her shoulder.

Maria: ”Yah, yah, he dodat. Then Gringa say, “Diago, what the hell? Why are you looking over my shoulder? Then he say, ‘Who is all these people photos you look at?’ Then she say, ‘They added me as a friend, Diago.’ Then Diago say, ‘They know you are married?’ Gringa say, ‘Of course, they do, Diago. Do you want to look at my status?’ And Diago, he shake his head and say, ‘I see your status tonight in the bedroom. Now, I want to talk about this. Where is wedding picture of you and me? Why is it not there?’ Gringa roll her eyes and say, ‘Diago, please!’ And he say, ‘You put picture of me and you or I break the laptop.’ Gringa say, ‘What the fuck, Diago? You threatening me?’ He thinka bout it and say, ‘Si.’ Gringa roll her eyes and go to find wedding picture.”

Rosa: “Diago, he very scared of losing Gringa, I think. What is the English word …?”

Maria: “Insincere. He very insincere.”

Rosa: “That’s it. Diago very insincere. Maria your English is very good now, eh?”

Maria: (Beams) “What can I say? I am very smart. Just like Isabella, even though I don’t go to college. Even though I don’t finish school.  

Rosa: “Yah.”

Maria: “Very soon I want to help Eve Rabi with her editing. She say she hate editing, so I say, ‘Let me helpa you, Eve.’ She say, ‘Oh, Maria, if you could do that, I would be so grateful. If I had a fairy godmother, Maria, I would get her to do all my editing and my housework, of course. I can get myself to the ball.’ She laugh when she say it. But I don’t laugh. She is lazy, that Eve Rabi.”

Rosa: “Yah, I hear she like to write better than to clean her house.”

Maria: “Disgraceful.”

Rosa: “Very disgraceful. She let her cat sleep on her laptop? That is terrible. Hey, Maria, I must learn English like you.”

Maria: “Yes, but you got a short intention span. That is your problem.”

Rosa: “Maybe you right. My intention span is very short.” (Sighs)

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