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MY BROTHER, MY RIVAL, by Eve Rabi (complete boxed set series, romantic suspense, romantic crime books)

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Synopsis of My Brother My Rival

Bridie got the memo. It said clearly in black and white – don’t fall for Cody. He’s a player. He will break your heart. Guaranteed. Ignore that chiselled six-pack of his, those rugged looks, that melting grin – all of it, and go for his brother, Scott, instead. Scott, now there’s a gentleman, intelligent, kind, shy, and just as good looking as Cody. Really, he is. The kind of man who won’t break your heart. Husband material.
Did Bridie listen? Nope. Despite being educated and streetwise, and goal-oriented, and vowing never to fall for Cody, the girl ignored the memo, caved and fell for the Navy Seal who hadn’t met a skirt he didn’t fancy. And where did it get her? A broken heart – that’s what she got. As expected.
Of course, none of us said, I told you so. We wanted to, but we didn’t. Why? Because we were young and dumb once.
Anyway, life has a way of screwing things up, as you know, and in this case, it did. In a big way. Huge, I tell you. Cody, Bridie and Scott were quickly thrust headlong into a heartbreaking love triangle that destroyed the brother’s relationship, ripped apart their family and left them drowning in heartbreak. Sad.
It didn’t end there. Oh, no – years later, circumstances forced the trio to interact and even live together – that’s right, two of them were to live together!
Buried emotions surfaced, old wounds were picked at, and a tsunami of heartbreak followed.
And then? you ask.Well, there’s a lot of ‘And thens’, too many for me to list. So, my suggestion: make a giant pot of coffee, because you’re going to be reading this fast-paced romantic suspense thriller through the night. Oh, and keep the tissues handy, because you’re going to cry. Ugly cry. Guaranteed. Like really ugly. Hey, we’re talking about two brothers here – how can this story not be sad? Go get that pot of coffee going. 

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 PRAISE for My Brother, My Rival:

“If you have something to do during your day, DO NOT start reading this book! ’Cause once you start you won’t put it down!”

“Dishes did not get done, supper did not get cooked, nothing got done. This book was like a drug; I had to know what happened.”

“What a sexy book. Loved every minute of it!”

“I’ve just finished part one with tears falling from my eyes. How do you do it?”

“I couldn’t put the book down.”

“Reading this book pulled at all my emotions, moments of smiling… laughing and tears.”

“I could not go to sleep until I finished this book, then I woke up the next morning to reread it.”

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 If you’ve enjoyed books by Gillian Flynn, Marian Keyes, Paula Hawkins, Jackie Collins and Lian Moriaty, you will enjoy this angsty heart wrenching, heart soaring book by Eve Rabi.


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