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Color Blind – Heartbreaking romantic suspense about unrequited love – book 10 now available on Amazon!













 Tell the truth and spend 5 years behind bars for love, or lie that that you don’t know him and secure your freedom within minutes? What? You love him? He’s your soul mate? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but hey, we’re talking serious jail  time for you here. Which would you choose? Be honest now.  

She was the face of racism, the daughter of an evangelist hellbent on segregation among the population. No one knew her secret – she was in love with the grandson of an African servant.

Since their love is considered illegal, soulmates Sarie Vorster and Shabba Mxenge have no choice but to love each other in secret. Either that, or face imprisonment under the laws of apartheid. However, one night, the police kick down their door and arrest both of them for contravening the Immorality Act, which prohibits sexual relations between the white population and people of color. Sarie faces five years imprisonment, while Shabba faces ten years. When Sarie’s father, Pastor Schoeman Vorster learns about Sarie’s arrest, he is horrified – how does he face his congregation, his supporters, his peers who are staunch crusaders of racial segregation? To save his family’s reputation, the influential Pastor goes into damage control and comes up with a foolproof plan, one that has been used time and time again with great success – Sarie must simply state that Shabba has raped her. That he targeted her because of her stance against apartheid, kidnapped, then raped her. If she does, she will be free within hours to return to her over-privileged lifestyle, and most importantly, Pastor Schoeman and his family will save face among their apartheid-loving church. Who cares that Shabba would then face more 20 years in prison? Sarie does. As much as she longs for her freedom, much to the ire of her father, she refuses to lie. She states that she would rather do time, than betray the man she has loved since childhood. The pastor is furious at her and launches into plan B – together with a band of racist wardens, the man of God engineers situations in prison to systemically break his ‘rebellious’ daughter and force her to lie. Life in prison becomes a nightmare for Sarie. Time and time again, she finds herself at breaking point.

The question is; how long can the teenager be strong for love, for the man she pledged to love forever? Will she eventually cave and lie to secure her freedom?

Color Blind books 1-10 are now live on Amazon! 

0.99 cents for a limited time! Also avail on Kindle Unlimited

Praise for Color Blind:
“The style of writing this author uses is unique to every other writer out there. The humour is funnier than comedy and the horror is tear-jerking. I read this in less than a day.” “Read this book in one night! Great read and couldn’t put it down!” ‘Fast-paced, raw and entertaining with moments of unexpected humor, this book will have you staying up late into the late.’

‘Clear your calendar this weekend – Eve Rabi has a new tale and it’s kick**s as usual!’

‘OMG, Eve! Just when I think your writing can’t get any better, you surpass yourself! I am biting my nails, wondering what will happen next!’

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ASHES OF TEMPTATION – Now Live on Amazon!








The final instalment in the explosive Temptation series (Girl on Fire Series) is now live on Amazon!

Will Karma deliver the fate Scarlett deserves, or will it be a case of Teflon Scarlett again?

“An emotional rollercoaster that had enough twists and turns to keep me totally enthralled.” Amazon reviewer


“What if the tables were turned? What if she went to prison for him, to save him, to protect him,

only to return home and find that he had quietly moved on with someone else? With someone that had

sent her to prison? With someone she believed was the enemy? Worse, when she returned, she finds that

he has sired a child with that person? Would she be justified in wanting to hurt him? Would she be justified

of wanting to kill them both?”


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