“Eve Rabi took me into another world where I forgot I actually needed to eat and get sleep. Brilliant plot.”  Amazon Reviewer

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Years ago, together with my lover, Bear, I framed my ex-husband Tom for murder.

I had no choice – Tom was abusive, vengeful and determined to make me pay for having the strength to escape his clutches. He was even prepared to murder my children and lover to get back at me.

With him behind bars, I thought I could finally exhale and start living again. I did and I was blissfully happy.

But a life sentence behind bars isn’t stopping him from coming after me.  He is determined to use every resource he can lay his hands on to get at me.

It has become a game and the outcome promises to be brutal and fatal.

To protect my family, I have no choice but to play along. Tom plans to win this game. Trouble is, I just have to win.

This modern, contemporary romance and suspense-filled thriller from Eve Rabi is a riveting drama of lust, deception and revenge. It will keep you gripped and leave you begging for more.

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“Fantastic read. Actually found myself agitated at having to pause from reading.”

“I absolutely could not sleep or stop reading until I finished.”

“I have read some good books, but this beats them all.”

“This book is a must read.”

“I normally read crime stories, but Eve Rabi has steered me into reading just about all her romantic crime novels.”

“Lies, conspiracy, embezzlement, sex, greed, kidnapping…it’s all there.”
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