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Teaser 1

Well, well, well! Look what we have here. An email from Arena Shaw to Clover. Remember Arena, the uptight, holier-than-thou bitch who turned down my friendship because of her loyalty to her sister-in-law, Rival MacBitch? The Arena Shaw who spent time in prison because of child neglect? (Arena ShawShank Redemption.) That Arena. I can’t wait to read what she has to say to Clover. It’s like I’m spying on them – delicious! If this is how it feels to be a peeping tom, then I can understand why some of those sickos are prepared to go to jail for peeping. It’s quite a thrill. Anyway, let’s see what Arena ShawShank has to say, shall we?

From: Arena Shaw <>
Sent: Friday 30/06/16, 10:58 AM
To: Clover Callan <
Subject: Hi from Arena Shaw

Hi, Clover. (Smiley face) It’s been awhile since we chatted. I’ve texted you several times, but I got no reply. When I called your number, I got a disconnected message. Now I’m really concerned. Are you okay, Clover? Is Pastor Colin okay? How is your new home? Did the move go smoothly? Was the trip okay? Made any new friends? If you did, that’s just great, but please don’t forget your friends in Sydney. (Smiley face) Let us know that you’re okay, and please, keep in touch. You and Pastor Colin are always in our thoughts. (Smiley face)
Arena (Smiley face)

Four smiley faces in one paragraph. Mm. So ShawShank wants Clover to keep in touch and continue their friendship? Well, I’ve got news for her – that’s not going to happen. Now, watch how Clover reduces this snooty bitch in the sweetest of ways. Well, maybe not in the sweetest of ways, but … it’s going to be entertaining, trust me.

From: Clover Callan <>
Sent: Friday, 30/06/16 11:55 AM.
To: Arena Shaw <>
 Hi from Arena ShawShawShank

Dear Arena ShawShank,

My move went really well. Pastor Colin is well, very happy, and loving our new home. We’ve made some great friends here. Classy, sincere, responsible folk who display the kind of values we appreciate – among others, integrity, decency and honesty, qualities we’ve failed to find in Sydney. Alas!
I have changed my phone number, hence you weren’t able to reach me. Deliberately.
I will explain why. There is no easy way to say this, Arena, and since I am a busy person with important things to do, I’m going to just blurt it out. Pastor Colin and I have decided to terminate our friendship with you. You have heard right, Arena – we are simply unable to continue being friends with you and Bear and wish to sever all ties with you.
You see, after we heard about your baby, and how you abandoned her in a boiling car, causing her to die a slow, painful and torturous death, we were utterly appalled and seriously sickened.
How can you expect us to be friends with a murderer? A murdering mother, at that?
How anyone can do that to a child, let alone its own mother, is simply beyond us.
How a negligent, heartless mother can be allowed to keep her other children, and even be allowed to give birth to a third child, leaves us baffled. Leaves us questioning the system – why isn’t it protecting children from the likes of you?

With regards to WIN; it is highly disconcerting to know that you run an organization like this, Arena. To my husband and me, and just about everyone else (yes, people around talk about you all the time, and I’m sorry to say, it’s not in a flattering way), it is quite evident you are merely running this kind of charity organization as a ruse, to distract from the heinous crime you have committed (like the way Angelina adopted all those colourful children to distract from the fact that Brad was married when they began their affair). Some say it’s guilt that causes you to display an altruistic persona, while others vehemently disagree. They argue that sociopaths do not experience guilt. These discussions and debates, Arena, let me tell you, although distressing, are somewhat lively and interesting. Entertaining even. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not implying that they laugh about you. No, they are most concerned about your poor children.
So, as you can imagine, being friends and keeping in touch with you, is not a possibility, now or in the future.
Please do not regard this email as an attack on your persona. I am merely being honest and upfront. I would be failing in my duties as a pastor’s wife if I wasn’t.
We wish your remaining children the best of luck, as we are sure they are going to need every bit of luck with you as a mother and a role model.

Clover Callan (Smiley face) 

How did I do? Good? Of course. Take my word for it; Arena is going to be gutted by this scathing and accusing email. Let’s wait and see what her response is, shall we?

From: Arena Shaw <>
Sent: Saturday, 2/07/16, 5:05 AM
To: Clover Callan <>
Subject: Judge not, lest you be judged’

Since we are being honest and upfront, Clover, I will say, I am gobsmacked by your lack of understanding, and stupefied by your harshness. I am no Christian, but I understand that the Bible, whose principals you profess to live by, being the devout Christian you portray, clearly cautions about judging. You should look up that scripture sometimes, perhaps you have missed it?
Sadly, you have changed, Clover. It’s almost like I am speaking to another person, someone embittered by loss and disappointment. Someone hostile, and seething with resent. An unfulfilled, hollow soul, angry at the world and thirsting for vengeance. It’s all so confusing to me, the change in your personality and the blatant accusations when you know so little about me. However, adhering to another Biblical scripture – “Don’t give what is holy to the dogs, nor throw your pearls before swine,” I chose not to explain myself, not to spend any more time on this subject and will end this conversation here.
I wish your new-found friends the best of luck, as I believe from first-hand experience, they are going to need it in a little while.
PS: ShawShank? I don’t get it.

Mm. Let me count the smiley faces. Nada. Not a single one. Four paragraphs and not a single smiley face. Mm.
I expected a lengthy lament in response, an essay of heartfelt explanations, but, I all I got is a brief and dismissive email alluding to me being a dog. A bitch. Woof.
Well, I take comfort in the fact that my words have sliced through that hardened heart of hers, slashed at her self-confidence and had her scouring her Bible, which is the internet, of course, for Biblical verses to fire back. She may act cool and unperturbed, but make no mistake, my words, especially, ‘yes, people around talk about you all the time, and I’m sorry to say, it’s not in a flattering way,’ will cause her to regard peers, family and friends with quiet and not so quiet distrust. They will cause her sleepless night and pursed lips.
Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at the time she fired back. 5:05 AM. That’s right, she’s at her laptop in the middle of winter, on a Saturday morning, emailing me at such a dank hour. ShawShank has probably not got her eight hours of beauty sleep last night. Expect her mood to be similar to that of this winter’s day – grey, cloudy and with the threat of tears.
Poor Arena ShawShank – not only have I abruptly ended her friendship with the dreary Clover Callan, I have stirred up painful memories that she has probably stowed away in the attic of her mind, with absolutely no intention of revisiting and reliving. I have robbed her of her peace of mind and, and she will never know who to trust again. All through one vengeful email. Can I get an amen!?

Cassie and the Whisper of Temptation

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