Yeah, we’ve brought out the botox, cheek fillers and microdermabrasion and gave the Gringa series a brand spanking new look. Hope ya fargin’ like it.

COVER gringa book one 7 feb 15

“Haven’t cried this much since my dog died. Loved every minute of this version of Beauty and the Beast!” Amazon Reviewer
(Click on image above to download this free romance novel.)

Cover gringa book2 version 1 5 feb 2015

“IMO, It is one of the best romance books I’ve read in some time. I read it all in one sitting. I couldn’t peel my eyes away even for a minute. The story had it all from action to romance.” Amazon Reviewer
(Click on image above to download this free romance novel.)

Cover gringa 2 6 feb 2015

“I finished Gringa in 7 hours. Couldn’t put it down. Housework never got done. Had to ask my husband to pick up the kids.” Amazon Reviewer
(Click on image above to download this free romance novel.)

Pssst! Before you go…

Have you got your free books?

Below are the links to these free contemporary romance books, romantic crime thrillers and modern love stories by Eve Rabi

Gringa – Beast of Mexico

Payback – You Will Pay:

Burn’s World:

Gringa – Taming the Beast:

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About Eve Rabi Author

EVE RABI is the author of 29 romantic crime & suspense thrillers, 5 screenplays and a number of short stories in the process of being published. She is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her sense of humor and her no-holes barred love stories. To quote an Amazon reviewer: “Eve Rabi is a 5 star general. Different, excellent, unputdownable. Eve Rabi is the lady for now and the Future.” For more info on Eve Rabi's books, visit

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  1. Fargin’ love the makeover, Eve! LOL.

  2. OMG! I just so happened to be browsing Amazon for free urban fiction and came across Burns World. At first I wasn’t going to read because it was about a teenager. Would have been a HUGE mistake. Could not put it down. Trojan is my kind of man.Love a man with some badness and class. Was upset when the book ended. So I read the first book of Gringa. Read all four in 2 days. You have become my second favorite author. I love the rawness and tenderness all at the saw time. I’m moving on to the next one. Eve you’re awesome

    • Thank you Paula im so pleased I shot up the list in Favorite authors so quick with one book!:) Keep reading and maybe I’ll make it to number 1! Obsessed with me is free at the moment, check it out! ❤

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