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Good News or Bad News First?

eve 3 green top raine cut out 7 feb 14Yes, I have good news and bad news.Which one do you want first?

Bad news?

I knew you were going to say that! (I always ask for bad news first. Get it out of the way, I always say. Crazy huh?)

Anyho, the bad news is…I won’t be publishing my book in April 2014. It will be published in June/July.

Now, don’t get annoyed with me, ’cause I did bring out my last book a month in advance. So it kinda evens things out.

See, I’m exhausted from writing 22 books, juggling two know-it-all kids and a career that’s taking off nicely, so I’m going on a month-long holiday abroad, where I plan to (like Stella did) get my groove back. I plan to eat,  pray and Love to sit on the beach, sip cocktails and scoff tons of seafood while perving  scantily men around. Who knows, I too may bring back a cute Jamaican maan in need of a green card. 🙂

When I come back from my amazing holiday, I will be energized and invigorated (and sporting an amazing tan), focused and sharp and I will produce an amazing book that will catapult me into USA Today’s Best Seller’s list. Sigh, I can hardly wait to be …amazing!

Alright, peeps, that’s the bad news. (And you thought I say that I got knocked up, right? Wrong!)

Moving on…

The good news is, I have two books coming out around June/July. That’s right, two books!

I have been working steadily on them for a while now and I have a feeling you might like them too.

See, I told ya it was good news. (And you thought I was going to announce that I got knocked up, right? Wrong!)

But wait, there’s more!

 I have another book coming out at the end of October as well! That’s three books in 2014!

See, as I was working on the two books I’m busy with (Wounded Hearts which is purely working title), another story crept into my brain and plagued the fuck hell out of me, to the point where I got up at 3 AM one day and started working on it, pounding out a draft, before I put it away for later. Much later.

But wait, there’s more!

Eh, actually that’s it for now. Sorry:)

But as you may have noticed, we’re doing things a little differently in 2014; we’re experimenting with drugs marketing of my books and updating book covers along the way.
So if you spot a few  different book covers, don’t get all excited and think I’ve released a book. I will announce well in advance before I post any new releases.

In fact, I will post some teasers and more in May.

So, until then, keep warm, or cool depending where in the world you are, take care and try not to get knocked up 🙂

And before you go, take a look at my horoscope. This is so going on my vision board!

horroscope 4 march 14

So whatchusay? 🙂

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