RELEASE DATE: My Brother, My Rival

Imagecover my brother's girls book two 26 aug 18

Hey all, happy to announce the release date of

My Brother, My Rival …drum roll, please …

31 August 2013.

But wait, there’s more…

For a limited time we are offering you all a free copy of book one and book two, in exchange for a review.

If you are interested, please email your details to

Remember to add your Goodreads name, so we can tick your name off our records.

But wait, there’s even more…

Here are some reviews on My Brother, My Rival books one and two:

“What a sexy book. Loved every minute of it!”

“I’ve just finished part one with tears falling from my eyes. How do you do it?”

“Loved it!”

“I couldn’t put the book down.”

“Reading this book pulled at all my emotions, moments of smiling… laughing and tears.”

“…a nice, fast paced, emotional read.”

“…if this book doesn’t make 5 stars then people don’t know what a bloody good book is. My only complaint is I didn’t want it to end!!!”

“This book is awesome.”

End of reviews.

And finally, here is an excerpt from book one:

“How dare they enjoy dinner while my world crashes around me?

Fury blinded me and my urge to destroy returned with a vengeance.

I turned my Hummer around.

“Where you going to, Cody?” my mother demanded, her voice frantic.

I didn’t answer. I hit the gas and gunned the Hummer toward Bridie’s old place.

“Cody, where are you going?” my dad demanded.

I stared ahead as I floored it.

“Cody, just stop!” Jenna said. “I know where you’re going! You stop right now, Cody!”

Ignoring all their pleas, I drove on until I pulled up into the parking lot outside Bridie’s old place.

Just in time – I spotted her standing outside Scott’s Roadster in the parking lot.

Scott was still in the driver’s seat, talking on his phone.

I braked, and without killing the engine, hopped out of my Hummer.

Within seconds, my family was running behind me, pleading with me to leave Scott and
Bridie alone.

Bridie spotted me first. “Cody!” she mouthed, fear in her eyes.

I picked up a brick from the side of the road and walked toward Scott.

“Cody!” Bridie screamed. “What are you doing? STOP!”

I ignored her and walked over to my brother. I was going to smash his skull with the brick until his brains lay all over his Roadster.

His window was opened. Good. When he saw me above him, brick high up in the air, ready to hit him with it, he dropped his phone.

I raised the brick to smash it down his face.

His eyes grew larger.

“CODY, NO!” Bridie screamed.

When I looked into Scott’s eyes, I wavered.

We stared at each other.

I willed myself to do it, to kill Scott.

But I couldn’t do it. He was still my brother.

Even though he stole my girl, even though he hurt me like no one in this world had ever hurt me, I couldn’t hurt him.

How I wished he was some other fucker at that moment.

Frustrated, I booted in the Roadster’s door three times. The door caved inwards.

Scott tried to open his door, but the door wouldn’t budge.

He scrambled toward the passenger’s side and tried to open that door, but I dropped the brick and pushed the Roadster until it fell onto its side.

“What are you doing, CODY?” Bridie screamed.

With the Roadster on its side and Scott trying to boot in the BMW’s windshield, I spun around to look at Bridie.

With eyes as big as saucers, she walked backward. “Cody, stop, please!”

I walked faster. She turned and started to run away from me.

Bad move. There’s no way she could outrun me. I raced after her. She ran faster and in a bad move, toward my Hummer. I ran after her and caught her by the hair.

“Where the FUCK are you going to, sister-in-law? Huh? We need to talk, Mrs. Garrett.”

“No, leave me alone!” she cried, as she tried to free her hair from my fingers.

“You owe me an explanation,” I said, as I dragged her to the Hummer and shoved her into it. I got into the driver’s seat and sped off.

Behind me, Jenna, my mother, and father were running after the Hummer, screaming my name. I didn’t stop.

“Slow down, Cody!” Bridie cried.

“Why? Why the fuck should I, huh? Let us both die. Today. NOW!” I stepped on the gas.

“CODY, PLEASE STOP!” she begged.

I flashed her a mirthless smile. “Scared? Huh?”

“Why are you doing this?” She was crying now.

“Because I thought I was in a bad dream, but guess what; it’s true, my brother married my FUCKING GIRL! Not a dream, honey, just my reality.”


“What the fuck are you CRYING FOR?” I yelled.

“Cody, I don’t understand, you cheated on me. Why are you acting like you’re so cut, huh?”

“Cheated on you? What the fuck are you talking about, Bridie? I never cheated on you.”

“You did!”

“When? When the FUCK did I cheat on you, huh? You talking about that stupid body shot? That was fucking cheating? Huh?”

“No, not the body shot, Cody. The night of the party – you cheated with Nicole!”

“What are you talking about, Bridie? You’re hallucinating. I did not cheat with Nicole.”

“Yes, you did, Cody! I walked into your room and saw you both in bed. I left straight away.”

I shook my head in disbelief. She could lie so blatantly? Fury overtook me. I locked the steering wheel of the Hummer. It slid across the road like it we were on snow.

“Today, both of us are going to die,” I warned.

End of excerpt.

Tha…that’s all folks!


Book one is now available on by clicking on the link below:


About Eve Rabi Author

EVE RABI is the author of 29 romantic crime & suspense thrillers, 5 screenplays and a number of short stories in the process of being published. She is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her sense of humor and her no-holes barred love stories. To quote an Amazon reviewer: “Eve Rabi is a 5 star general. Different, excellent, unputdownable. Eve Rabi is the lady for now and the Future.” For more info on Eve Rabi's books, visit

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