cover my brother's girls book two 26 aug 18

Happy to announce that book two of My Brother, My Rival, is in the hands of my editor.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of book two.
But my rage, my anger towards Stephanie was the least of my worries.
A different set of fantasies proved even more troubling.
Me and him. Me and him sleeping together.
Wait! Allow me to rephrase that. Me and him fucking like crazy.
I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and my showers became frequent and colder.
It’s true – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
The moment my mind was relaxed, the workshop came alive and my fantasies sprouted – me and him in the backseat of his Hummer, me and him in my bathroom when the kids were asleep, me and him in a hotel during the day, me and him in the garage having a quickie.
This longing for him, the need to touch him, taste him, feel him and breathe him was all-consuming and I unhinged and feverish.
Sometimes, I felt like crying, that’s how plagued I was.
I thought of him the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. If my sleep broke, my mind drifted to him, sleeping a few feet away.
Of course, I suspected he felt the same way. The way his eyes would follow me around, then when our eyes met, he’d shift his away. But sometimes he didn’t, and our gaze locked.
He started to walk around shirtless and touched me at every available opportunity.
But it wasn’t enough for me.
Subconsciously, I went into seduction mode. Maybe even consciously, I don’t know.
My shorts grew shorter, my tops grew tighter and my sheer nightdresses grew sheerer. I tossed my hair, cocked my head, smiled at him from under my lashes, slowly licked a spoon, walked like Cat Woman when I was sure he was looking at my ass, and used my cotton candy voice on him.
Even though I wasn’t sleeping with him, I had Brazilians and wore thongs.
I was ripe for him, I was asking for it and I paraded my wares like a hooker.
That’s what I was.
I just wanted my husband’s brother.



About Eve Rabi Author

EVE RABI is the author of 29 romantic crime & suspense thrillers, 5 screenplays and a number of short stories in the process of being published. She is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her sense of humor and her no-holes barred love stories. To quote an Amazon reviewer: “Eve Rabi is a 5 star general. Different, excellent, unputdownable. Eve Rabi is the lady for now and the Future.” For more info on Eve Rabi's books, visit

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