He texts me fifteen times a day…


(From Burn’s World. Will only make sense if you have read Burn’s World or if you are severely jet lagged from a flight with Bruce Willis.)

Interviewer: “Kate, what is your response to Nick jilting you at the altar, showing videos of you being unfaithful to him at your wedding, publically accusing you of sleeping with his cousin, the late Bud McGraw?”

Kate: “I feel sad for Nick. He’s got it all wrong. That wasn’t me in the video. I have no idea where he got that from.’’

Interviewer: “Okay, so how have you been since that terrible …?

Kate: “I have been doing just fine, thank you. I’ve met a wonderful man who cherishes me and wants to marry me and Nick McGraw, well, let’s just say that it’s his loss.”

Interviewer: “You’ve met a man? You guys are talking marriage already? Wow!”

Kate: “Yeah and he’s such a sweet guy and he loves me so much and he tells me how special I am to him every day…texts me fifteen times a day. (Smiles and looks heavenward.) I can’t believe …

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